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    Unable to Open Form - error related to Designer


      I recently installed workbench 8.2 succesfully on my laptop and am able to work with the forms created on our LiveCycle 8.2 installation. However, on another machine I have repeatedly been unable to get the installation to work... when I attept to open a form I receive a "LiveCycle Designer Not Installed" error stating that designer isn't installed and that I should re-install... Can somebody tell me why this is happening? i.e. why it isn't being installed - repeated attempts to re-install have not worked and I have no idea why the install process is deciding not to install designer.

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          Vikas Vijayrania Level 2

          That would happen if you already have Designer installed (which also comes with Acrobat). Check to see if you have Acrobat

          installed on your machine and do you already have designer installed on your machine?

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            jrowell32 Level 1



            I thought that might be the problem so I checked to see whether Designer

            was present via the add/remove programs screen - it isn't; only

            Workbench shows up. Before attempting to re-install I also took the step

            of manually deleting the C:\Program Files\Adobe\LiveCycle ES folder (the

            uninstall didn't remove it)... is there some other step I should take to

            remove designer (or to see if its installed)?



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              Sounds like an irritating problem. Hope you got it fixed




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