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    How configure Data Management endpoint in BlazeDS


      Hi all,


         I meet a problem that I don't understand. I use Flex Builder 3.0 and BlazeDS to write the Flex client that use Flex data management service.

         I need use the <mx:DataService> tag so I downloaded the LiveCycle Data Services (trial version at adobe.com) and add two files: fds.swc and playerfds.swc into my project. But now, I need to configure a Data Management endpoint.

           ---> Some documents about this configuring is edit the flex-data-services.xml file, located in the WEB-INF/lib/flex folder => But I can't find it inside BlazeDS server !

           ---> Other documents said need edit the data-management-config.xml  => I also can't find it inside BlazeDS server but I found it in my LiveCycle ES Data Services project (located in WEB-INF/flex).

         My goal is I need configure a Data Management endpoint inside BlazeDS server ! So, Can I copy the data-management-config.xml and paste it into WEB-INF\flex inside BlazeDS server ?


         Please guide to me configure it !