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    How to Reverse Page Order in Acrobat Pro 9

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      Hello Community,

      I thought this would be an easy thing to do in Acrobat but so far I am finding it is not.

      I am creating a PDF from multiple files, they are jpegs, and I am dragging and dropping them into the "combine files" window in the order I want them to be displayed. However Acrobat reverses this order as you put them in and then gives you no chance to switch the order. It gives you the option to move the order one by one (which is nearly impossible when the jpeg titles are img1824, img1623, etc.) so they other option is to add the files I want backwards, which my brain can not do, I like to work forwards, not backwards nor should I have to.

      So once I create this backwards PDF, isn't there a way to just reverse the order of the pages? any help is appreciated.