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    Flash Player 10.1 disconnects me from internet!!!! Ahhhh!


      Hey there!

      I have a huge problem since flash player 10.1 came out!

      Everytime i want to watch a flashmovie it stops loading immediately and shortly after my internet connection tells me that i have no longer access to my actual network anymore.

      The only thing that works is to restart my pc and not to watch flashmovies or start flash applications online.

      Downloading and surfing from sites is no problem at all not even online gaming. It just happens if i want to watch movies with the flash player online.

      I have windows 7 64bit and a nforce 590 sli amd chipset with nvidia network controllers. I even tried different driver settings cause there are some issues with the official driver for the chipset and networking controller concerning games like modern warfare 2 and its nat usage. but no chance every driver setting also leads to the same result :/

      i hope somebody knows this issue and has already a solution