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    Generated as code with FB4 and a few more questions

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      I am not sure If I should address these questions here or in the Flex 4 forum but I am sure the moderators will replace it if neccessary.


      Is there any explanation or description what each ActionScript file is for that is generated when an Application is compiled. My application has 1 embedded image in the app itself and separately 2 fonts embedded in css. The files I see are:




















      Ok so what I would like to know is:

      1) which is the first file everything starts from and why there is no swf metatag anywhere, basicly how do these classes get compiled into that swf and where everything starts from?

      2) what does each of these generated as files does?


      Additional questions:

      1) Does the compilator automatically sets the swf that is compiled have 2 frames and so the classes to be exported in the second one, so the SystemManager can work the way it works.

      2) I've read about resource bundles but when I look into the system manager autogenerated class (in this case: _FlamePreloader_mx_managers_SystemManager-generated), I see:


      compiledLocales: [


      "en_US" ],

      compiledResourceBundleNames: [

      "components", "core", "effects", "layout", "skins", "styles", "textLayout" ],

      in override public function info():Object{}


      So how are these implemented? Where does the compiler gets them from, can I add more to them?


      How does the SystemManager gets them from here:




      resourceModuleURLList:String = loaderInfo.parameters["resourceModuleURLs"];


      when in the generated HTML this parameters is not present?

      Why I don't see the compiledLocales used in the SystemManager?


      3) I've also read what mixins are but where do these 2 come from (FB4 configuration somewhere?):

      resourceModuleURLList:String = loaderInfo.parameters["resourceModuleURLs"];

      mixins: [

      "_FlamePreloader_FlexInit", "_FlamePreloader_Styles" ]


      4) Just our of curiocity, Is it possible to extend the SystemManager and use it instead of the original one, as well as any other class on that route? If it is, is it possible using FB4 ? I just want to outline which part of flex 4 I should move up (extend) from and which I better not waste time to look into cause I can't change anything in it.


      It would be best if all these methodology/process and every part of it is described somewhere and I can read it, so I know which of these is possible for me to use (which from command line and which from FB4). So if there is a documentation somewhere and you know it, that would be best! If not, I would be happy to hear your thoughts


      If I have more questions I will definitely post them here. Thanks !