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    Data List with Links?

    TimothyWhalin Level 1

      In an interface I am making, part of it needs to have multiple text fields with buttons linking to other web pages. I will probably have about 40-75 different links when I am done creating this. The only way to do this that I can see is to create a button and then add an interaction to that button to link to the page I want. However, making a list of multiple ones I have to create a new button each time. Buttons can't be duplicated and then the text inside the button changes or else it will change all the other instances of that button. So this requires me making 75 different buttons, adding the different state changes to each one, and is very time consuming. Plus then getting them properly placed inside the document instead of just duplicating the button is also very time consuming.


      I thought this might be possible with a data list, but it doesn't seem that you can set up an element of the data list to have them be different links. However, this doesn't seem possible either.


      Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this or am I just stuck?


      Thank you.