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    LiveCycle connector for Sharepoint issue




      I'm trying to integrate Sharepoint with LiveCycle via the LiveCycle Connector for Sharepoint. But some issues occure.

      Because of the load, I'm running Livecycle and Sharepoint on a separate machine. Sharepoint even runs in a Virtual machine.


      The installation and configuration are neighter a problem for both products. Except the fact that it is not possible to publish a pdf file from LiveCycle to sharepoint, where it is possible to add a new folder on sharepoint. Adding the pdf via the web interface of sharepoint is not a problem.


      These are the exceptions that are thrown:


      Creating a file:

      com.adobe.repository.RepositoryException: ALC-REP-744-000: Operation failed with the following error code [Unknown] and error message [Object reference not set to an instance of an object.].
      Please verify the values of following [documentLibraryName:Shared Documents], [folderUrl:], [newFileName:contractPdf.pdf] 


      Deleting a file:

      com.adobe.repository.RepositoryException: File/Folder with given name [test.txt] does not exist in Document Library [Shared Documents].



      Can someone help me on this? If you need more info, please let me know!