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    PS CS5 Help Not Helpful!

    `Ken` Level 1

      Is there an option that allows the old style help with an index that made it relatively easy finding help topics. The new help in PS CS5 makes it a struggle to locate help topics. Why can't there be a search feature and an index? Isn't help suppose to be helpful?

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          John Stanowski Level 2

          I agree. This is driving me crazy. The new Help Air App sucks.

          It's hard to read, it's slow and most importantly it doesn't give me what I need.


          The navigation tree that used to be on the left is GONE.


          All sense of how much content is in a certain category is hidden from you except when you first arrive.


          You have to click on next buttons to get around or breadcrumb links. This is very suffocating.


          I want all the links back on the left so I can get around!


          And I don't appreciate the fact that Adobe is continually forcing "community help" down our throats when all we want is the help. If we want help from the community we'll go for it.


          god i'm pissed. sorry.


          By the way, to answer your question. You can just delete the Help app.

          Then when you click on Help in any of the apps, the help will open in a browser... but without the left nav.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            The navigation pane (or table of contents, or whatver you want to call it) is still persistently available if you use the PDF version of the Help document. You can download the PDF version using the link at the top of any of the HTML pages of Help.

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              John Stanowski Level 2

              Ahhhh, that's awesome. Thank you.

              Is there anyway to connect this with the Help menu item so the PDF version opens instead of Community Help?


              Or, can I tell Community Help to download a local version of all the Helps and have it just show me that when I call it?

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                > Is there anyway to connect this with the Help menu item so the PDF version opens instead of Community Help?



                I knew a way to do that for CS4, but I don't know about CS5. I can look into it.

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                  `Ken` Level 1

                  That is what I did, downloaded the PS CS5 PDF manual to my desktop. I can do a search or use the table of contents to locate information. It would be nice if the PDF could be substituted for the new help in the PS pull down menu.


                  I am curious if Adobe developed the new help system based upon user complaints about the old system? Or was it just a matter of spending money to fix something that wasn't broken?


                  Besides the change in the help feature, I am fairly satisfied with the new upgrade and appreciate the hard work of the PS development team. The content aware fill is the only major disappointment, not because of the tool itself, but the hype created prior to release by the PS evangelists, which had raised my expectations. But this is for another forum thread ...

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                    12345scott Level 1

                    I disagree. There is NO INDEX and that is a MAJOR LOSS>


                    Also, you CANNOT download the pdf unless you have an Adobe PDF reader installed, and that is absolutely assine.  As much as I love Adobe, I don't use reader. Mac Preview is much better for just viewing pdf's.


                    also of course, the local option doesn't work until the internet connection times out BOO!  but that is apparently in line to be fixed in the next version. I thank you for that 


                    so the bottom line is that the new help is even worse than CS4, which wasn't all so hot with the stupid internet requirement. It did have an index though.


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                      Laura_Kersell Adobe Employee

                      Hi Scott,



                      FYI: The Adobe Help TOC is not on  every Help topic page, but can be accessed in these 4 ways:


                      -Help  package title in breadcrumb

                      -Home link in breadcrumb

                      -Product  title in banner

                      -CHC "Home" icon in app chrome


                      You're right that updates in both AIR 2.0 and Community Help AIR app 3.3 will address the PDF preview issue. Also included is a bug fix related to the Display Local Content only  preference. Please accept the auto updates to these versions. In the meantime, here's how you can download the PS CS5 Help PDF today without having to install Reader:


                      Use your browser to download the PDF.

                      On any PS help page viewed in the Community Help AIR app, click the url in the upper right corner of UI to open the same page in your browser. From there you can download the PDF to your HD by clicking on the "View Help PDF" link on upper right corner of page. That local PDF can then be opened in Preview if that is your preferred PDF viewer.