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    Flash 10.1 crashes IE8


      Ever since updating to 10.1 because of the security problem with 10.0, I have been getting constant popups saying that Internet Explorer has stopped working. In the details it says that the faulting module is Flash10h.ocx. The browser does not shut down, it continues working and the popup goes away only to come back a short time later. This only happens on the machine running IE8 and Vista Home Basic SP2. The other machine with XP Pro SP3 is fine. The problem occurs most often on Yahoo games pages which always worked fine before. I have tried resetting IE8, uninstalling and reinstalling Flash (following the instructions to the letter), turning off the hardware acceleration, and nothing works. The affected machine has Nvidia GeForce 7050 integrated graphics with the latest drivers  from Windows Update.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, It could be the Yahoo site. Also using IE, go to Tools, manage add ons and check in the All add on section and look for

          Shockwave Flash Object...ActiveX Control...Flash10h.ocx and make sure it is listed and Enabled.



          You may want to also update your Video driver as well.






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            Dch48 Level 1

            I go to the same sites with the XP machine and all is good. The video drivers are also the latest ones as far as I know. The addon is also enabled.

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, ok thanks. When you are on the Yahoo site, do you right click on it and disable the hardware acceleration from there from the window that opens?



              Someone posted the instructions, I'll need to find it. I have not used that yet, so don't know myself. Just from what other users have posted.






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                Dch48 Level 1

                As I said in the original post, I tried turning off the hardware acceleration and it makes no difference.

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, well if turning off the hardware acceleration and updating your graphic and video drivers doesn't solve it, then I would say it is the website. You could try contacting them, other than that I have no idea.







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                    Dch48 Level 1

                    I don't either , that's why I came here

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                      Dch48 Level 1

                      I could go back to v10.0 but then the machine would be vulnerable to the security flaw that was found in it. I think Adobe pushed out 10.1 before it was ready because of that security problem. The build number is the same as the last release candidate was and it looks like they just pushed it out as the final release. It definitely does still have flaws.

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                        pwillener Level 8

                        jerellorenzo wrote:


                        I'm going to lose my job over this BS


                        If you'de do some work instead of hijacking countless topics here, maybe you wouldn't lose your job...

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                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                          Hi, Well people are certainly having a variety of issues, I can tell that. If you are only having a problem with that one website, I wouldn't go back to the previous version. Now Yahoo does have some issues and are somewhat slow to update their site when a new version of Flash comes out. They may have improved, I can't say since I don't use it much.


                          It could be some add on in IE that conflicts with the game/program on Yahoo also, it is difficult to tell.


                          Do you think maybe Firefox would work better on Yahoo? Just a thot. Maybe give Yahoo some time to update.



                          I look for a Flash Player fix soon also. Just my opinion. I don't know when you updated, but I know Microsoft came out almost at the same time (Patch Tuesday-6/8)


                          I'd think it over, but you're the final judge as to what to do.






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                            out of interest, are you using a DVI or HDMI monitor cable between your PC and monitor?

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                              It crashes IE7 too.  In my case IE 7.0.5730.13 on XP Pro with all the latest updates from Microsoft.  I don't think this is a problem on the user end.

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                                Dch48 Level 1

                                The monitor cable is a standard VGA cable. The monitor is a CRT type. When I use the XP computer and go to the same pages where the error occurs with the Vista machine, everything works without a hitch. There never was any problem with any previous flash version. Nvidia does not list the graphics card, GeForce 7050, as being compatible with the new acceleration features of flash 10.1 but the problem still exists with hardware acceleration turned off. The XP machine has ATI graphics and I have left hardware acceleration turned on even though I know the card, Radeon Xpress 200, can not handle HD content. Using Firefox,or any browser other than IE is not an option either. I, myself will not use anything other than IE out of personal preference after trying all of the alternatives and finding them lacking but the user of the Vista machine definitely would not consider even trying another browser. She is one of those who want their computer to work like a toaster and don't understand or want to learn anything past that.


                                The url of the page that most often causes the problem is http://games.yahoo.com/console/tx;_ylc=X3IDMgRtcANibARwb3MDNTcEc2VjA2xwbwRzbGsDVFYgR3VpZGU gTHVja3kgTGV0dGVycw--

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                                  I am also having the same issues, however I am using Firefox and I have Windows XP. The flash player is crashing while playing games on MySpace and Facebook as well. So I really believe it is the adobe flash 10.1. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a couple times already. I don't know that much about computers but sounds like it has to be in the adobe flash player 10.1, I hope adobe fixes the problems soon.