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    Can anyone help me with spot colors within an InDesign table? They don't show up in Acrobat!

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      Hello everyone!


      I have a problem. I am working on a textbook that has the answers in a spot color. (InDesign CS4 6.05; MAC 10.5.8) I strip the color out in the pdfs. However, if the spot color is within a table the spot color does not show up in Acrobat (9.0)! The only way I can get the spot color to show up in Acrobat is to take the spot color text out of the table and put it on top of the table.  Does anyone know a workaround or something I'm doing wrong? I've looked everywhere. I tried overprint, changing spot to overprint, etc. And nothing works. By the way, I only have a problem if the offending spot color is part of a table! I would appreciate your help!


      Spot Color Within the Table


      Spot Color in a text box on TOP of the table