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    AIR Update Proccess and the File System


      I have a client who’s using a 3rd party installer to install their  AIR. They’re doing this because they’ve got a large amount of content  (600mb) and the typical packaging process is falling over. We’ve got a  workable solution where we install the content into the app directory  (/Applications/OurApp) via the 3rd party installer after the AIR app is  installed, but we’re a bit concerned that the directory may get blown  away with a future update on our part using the standard air updater  process.

      We’ve tested on mac and windows and everything seems to be OK, ie our  content files seem to stay intact. I’m wondering though, is this just a  happy mistake? Is what we’re doing safe or should we go about it in a  different way? Should we be storing our content outside of the  application directory? I’m concerned this process may change in a future  version of AIR and all of our content will disappear.

      I know the forum is closing soon, but I figured this could be relevant  because it relates to future versions of AIR.