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    Story not recognizing a character in the Outline

    amozzah Level 1

      I imported a Word script, (that was exported from Buzzword), and one of my characters is not showing up as a coloured dot in the Outline pane. I've rewritten the character name and ensured it's set as a Character from the type menu, but no luck. I had a similar issue with another character and closing and re-opening the script fixed it. However, this character just doesn't show up at all.


      Any ideas?


      Also, is there a limit to the number of coloured dots that are displayed?





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          Deepak - Adoby Story Team Level 2

          Hi Andre,


          Yes we have a limit of 6 characters that we show along with each scene in the outline view. We assign each char dot a character based on their frequency of occurance in the Script and if the character is present in the scene then corresponding char dot is highlighted.


          Let us know if it helps.


          Thanks & Regards


          Adobe Story Team

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            amozzah Level 1

            Thanks, that makes sense now.


            I would propose a modification to that behaviour. Instead of limiting the dots to the same 6 characters, make it dynamic based on the characters in a particular scene.


            For example, if I have one scene with five characters, and the next scene with three new characters, then only the first character in the second scene will get a dot (5+1=6). If those two missing characters from the second scene are my lead characters, they will never get any dots.


            However, if I counted each scene independently, the three characters in the second scene would get their own dots. I think you would still want their colours to be different from any already used.


            With this approach, if you never had more than six characters in a scene, every character would be guaranteed a dot. You might have a preference to use the current behaviour or the dynamic behaviour I described.



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              Deepak - Adoby Story Team Level 2

              Hi Andre,


              Thanks for your inputs. While discussing about this feature within our team we came across several ways of implementing it. But we thought of proceeding with our current approach.


              The initial thought in implementing the character dots was to see the most prominent characters of the Script right away in the outline view. Char dots are shown based on their freqency in the Script so the chracters shown by char dots are the leading characters of the script. Also we assign a color to each of the dots so you know that a particular character is represented by this color and hence you know just by watching the color of the dot which character is this, you don't need to Mouse over a dot to see the char name. And also if you want to see characters of a particular scene then you can go to that scene by clicking in the outline view as most of scenes are confined to one single page so having a look at the characters present in that scene is not that difficult.


              Please let me know what do you think. If it really helps to use it in a different way based on the preferences then we would surely have a discussion regarding this within our team.


              Thanks & Regards


              Adobe Story Team

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                amozzah Level 1

                Thanks for the details Deepak.


                I love the idea of these dots and can see them being very useful when passing on scripts to my actors to read their parts. They would easily be able to see their dots for each script. For me however, the current implementation is not flexible enough. I am writing epsiodes which always have the same 4 or 5 characters, then each episode has 3 or 4 incidental characters. With only 6 dots, I'll always be missing some.


                For this to be a killer feature for me, I would like to see:


                • More dots with any of the following preferences:
                  • Create dots dynamically based on characters in a scene. Colours should be consistent throughout the script though.
                  • Create a set number of dots (user-defined)
                  • Create a set number of dots based on characters in the entire script


                • Allow filtering by dot. That way the actor playing "Jimmy" can quickly see all his scenes. Filtering should allow for multiple selections as well, so you could see all scenes with Jimmy and Jane, for example.


                • Ensure that the colours remain consistent for the same character in all scripts for a project. This is particularly important in my episodic format. If Jimmy's dots are blue in ep1, but red in ep2, and green in ep3, Jimmy's actor might get confused. If the dots were tied to the char bios (behind the scenes), maybe with a character properties preference.



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                  Deepak - Adoby Story Team Level 2

                  Hi Andre,


                  Thankyou very much for putting so much thought on Char dots feature and all these things will surely make this a killer thing that would be very useful to user. I am taking a note of this and will have a discussion in my team regarding your suggestions.


                  Although you may not see much change in the behavior of char dots in Story 1.0 because as you might guess we're preoccupied at the moment but We'll definitely make improvements to this in future. Your input would be extremely helpful to us.




                  Adobe Story Team

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                    It would be nice to get the dot if a character is in the scene but does not happen to have dialogue.  I have several scenes of action only and it looks as though no one is in them - no dialogue no dot.

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                      anthony_abraira Level 1

                      I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I have a scene that has four characters. One onscreen while the others are off. To be specific .. the main character talks to a friend over the phone and then the main character listens to radio broadcast between two journalist. So that's three offscreen and one that is actually in front of the camera. I expected to see a total of 4 dots but instead I see 5.


                      Am I not fully understanding this dot feature?

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                        Swapnil -AdobeStory Team


                              The working of character dots has been explained above by Deepak. Just to summarize again: these 6 character dots that show up for scenes in outline view, correspond to the 6 most prominent characters in the entire script (as per the no. of dialogs) and if a particular character amongst those 6 has a dialog in that scene, it is shown as highlighted in the outline view for that scene. If you have further doubts please do keep us posted. In case things are not working for you as intended, it would be good if you could send us a snapshot of the outline view as well as the scene in script. You can mail me at swgupta at adobe dot com. Thanks for using Story and providing your feedback.



                        Adobe Story Team.

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                          What about a tab function when hovering over the dots?  That is, give all the characters dots and colors but, keep your current plan of only showing the first 6 (most common) characters as it is now but, if I hover over the characters, perhaps a right arrow click will scroll the dots one dot to the right with each click showing character 2-7 now.  Another click and I see 3-8 and so on.  I personally won;t likely need this as my scripts are very minimal but I can see how this would be handy for more than 6 characters.


                          I do like the scene by scene idea as well but that might have an other set of issues with folks that will want to see the most prominent characters in their script.



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                            AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee



                            The offscreen characters (without dialog) in a scene will show up in the outline view soon. It is a bug that we are going to fix.


                            However, the number of character dots will remain limited to 6.