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    Layout Question


      I want to make basically a chart of static information, like something you could do in excel, just way simple, and I'm not sure how to do it.


      Some of the cells would contain like buttons or checkboxes, but there wouldn't be a scrollbar. A datagrid comes close but it's not quite what I need. It would better suite my project to dynamically load individual rows one at a time as needed.


      Any ideas on how to make this happen?

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          Balakrishnan V Level 3

          The idea from the top of my head would be a DataGrid with a [Bindable] marked ArrayCollection dataProvider. This can help you with the dynamic data.


          I am not sure if the DataGrid would have the same functionality as the excel spreadsheet. You could probably simulate such an effect by manipulating the DataProvider ArrayCollection so as to suit your needs. (If the user has made selection from ith to jth record in the dataGrid, you could just getItemAt(i), getItemAt(i+1), ... getItemAt(j) and put them in your Chart Dataprovider)


          As for the button/checkbox requirements, I am not very sure. I shall do some research and try and help you with it.


          Hope this helps,


          balakrishnan v