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    What to do if it is telling me I have "Insufficient Permissions?"


      Well I've been having several problems.
      First is when I go to install it I get a screen saying that the file "C:\Windows\System\32\Macroomed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll:5" could not be written due to insufficient permissions. I have no idea how to fix this or change it.
      Here's a picture of the message that pops up:
      Adobe Flash Player Error.jpg

      And whenever I try to click the troubleshooting for it, it wont take me anywhere. The link is basically useless. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash player. But nothing seems to work.

      Next is whenever I try to go install the plugins (for mozilla firefox) I get messages saying that the file cannot be downloaded. Or there is an error or something, but overall it basically says that the plugin cannot be installed.


      I hope someone can help me. Any advice would be insanely helpful.