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    Screen whiteout on save with Fireworks CS5


      Whenever I save a PNG in Fireworks CS5, the canvas undergoes a whiteout effect – the document seems to be fading out to indicate that it can't be edited during the save process.


      This sudden flash is distressing when working on documents that have predominantly darker hues. It's worst at night when the screen is the brightest thing around. It basically causes your eyes to dilate and then un-dilate rapidly, which is kind of disorienting.


      Is there any way to disable this "feature"? It's physiologically upsetting. No other application that I know of has this behavior and other CS5 apps definitely don't do it. This is not a helpful UI cue; on the contrary, it's quite irritating to my eyes.

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          autonomously Level 1

          For anyone who's curious, I found the answer with a little more searching:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/fireworks/cs/using/WSf01dbd23413dda0e171945b7123ebcf3491-7fff. html


          Even though this Help document addresses a completely different issue, changing the value of AsynchronousSave to false prevents the screen whiteout when saving a PNG. Apparently the default is already false on Mac OS X, so you should only have to change this if you're running Windows (as I am).


          The Help document states, "Editing a document during a save operation causes Fireworks to stop responding," but regardless of the value of AsynchronousSave in the Preferences file, you can't edit a document while it's being saved anyway. So I have no idea what the intended utility of the screen whiteout "feature" is supposed to be.


          Also, on my system, the path for the Preferences file was different than what was indicated in the Help document:


          C:\Documents and Settings\[my Windows login]\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS5\en_GB\Fireworks CS5 Preferences.txt


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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            Two case scenerios this comes in handy (that I can think of):

            1. multiple document scenerios, particularly larger files that 'may' take awhile to save. the feature allows you to toggle/work on another document while the other is 'saving'.

            2. in single document cases, ever sit next to a person at a computer is is 'click happy'? They click 'away' before the 'triggered' action is complete and freak out why the screen has gone amuck ('non-responding, out of memory, freezes etc). This happens in any program. The feature acts as a 'preventive' measure to ensure the triggered 'save' completes without the end user attempting another forced action.



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              autonomously Level 1

              Valid points. I understand that the application needs to lock the document while it saves. I just don't think the whiteout effect is necessary and, subjectively, it was causing me some undue eyestrain. I've used Fireworks since Version 3 (though I skipped several CS versions, ha) and normally it just shows an hourglass icon when it saves a large document. Fortunately the method I outlined disables the whiteout effect and restores the familiar (and less bothersome) hourglass icon. Didn't think I'd ever be glad to see that icon (since it normally means, oh great, I have to wait).

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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                Good find - would be ideal to have that (any many other in the preference file)

                available as user controlled preferences instead of tucked away in

                a file.