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    LR3 - "dont import suspected duplicates" doesn't seem to work


      My workflow involves me making LR catalogs on site on my laptop.  Then I come home and import that catalog into my main catalog.


      Occasionally when I have done this I might have a stray memory card which I want to make sure was added to the catalog.  So I stick it in the card reader and select " dont import suspected duplicates"  this should not import the photos a second time into the catalog right ?  It should tell me they already exist? As long as they are there.


      Well it does import them, even though they are already there and have the same filename as the ones that are already on the drive and in the catalog.  It just adds a xxxxxxx-2.CR2 to the end of the file.  So it knows that there is already a file there with the exact same name, and shot at the exact same date and time.  So why does it still import them without telling me they already exist.


      Am I doing something wrong ?  Or can I chalk this up to another bug ?


      It kind of seems like LR3 can only find a duplicate if a photo was originally imported into that particular catalog.  If its original import was into a different catalog then even if it has the same file name, same metadata including shooting time and date, LR3 does not pick up on this.


      If the file was originally imported into the catalog (and didnt get there via an import of another catalog) then the photo is greyed out in the import window when you have the "dont import suspected duplicates".  This is presumably how it should work......


      I think in LR2 it used to compare the shooting date/time and filename to catch duplicates didnt it ?