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    Onlocation & HP DV7 laptop not working


      Hello all.

      I've tried 3 versions of Onlocation, (CS3, CS4, and a trial of CS5), and not been able to get any of them working on my HP DV7 laptop without locking up the system.  It has Vista 64, SP2, 4 gigs memory, firewire input, and esata, (although I'm recording to the local hard-drive right now}.


      It works marginally ok with DV clips, but never works with HDV/M2T clips.  The camera is a Canon XLH1.


      It tends to lock up in HDV mode either while switching between the live camera and clip playback, or just recording 15 seconds or so of the HDV clip.  My mpeg monitoring settings are set to the lowest possible.


      I've had the CS3 version working on an older laptop before, and am trying to update everything.


      Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


      Is the CS5 version still a 32bit app?  I was hoping that the problem was trying to run a 32 bit app on a 64 bit machine, but my versions of CS3 & 4 premiere work fine.





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          lchapman66 Level 1

          Try disabling the webcam in the DV7.  Lots of folks running into this (including me on my DV8). You also might need an updated 1394 driver (I did).

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            michelsmith Level 1


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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              First off, all versions of OnLocation are 32bit. As far as I know, we have not tested OL on a DV7 laptop, so I can't speak specifically to that variable. But judging from its specifications, it should work fine with OL & HDV.


              As you probably know, decoding HDV is processor-intensive, which can cause video display to be choppy. That should not explain the app locking up, however. Please note that porting to Mac for CS4 required architectural changes that adversely affected performance decoding HDV and DVCPRO. That's most likely unrelated given that you're seeing the same problem going all the way back to CS3, but worth noting nonetheless.


              Is the camera connected directly to the laptop via firewire? We've had problems reported when an external hard drive is daisy-chained between the camera and computer.

              Other variables that could conceivably factor in: a) the Firewire cable--could be either flawed or too long; and b) the Firewire port--if you have a PCMCIA Firewire card (or equivalent), give that a try...


              If none of this leads to a diagnosis or solution, then please elaborate on what exactly you mean by "lock up." For instance, does OL get into an unresponsive state where you have to kill the process through Task Manager?

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                I am having the same problem with my HP DV7 and a Sony Z1U.  Standard DV generally works o.k. but when i feed it HDV it works fine until i click on the record button,.  THen it freezes, requiring a hard exit using task manager.  I am using windows 7.  i tried disabling the web cam but it still showed up as an option in the monitor window.


                Has anyone figured this one out? 


                I suspect it is an HP thing.  I hate this computer.  It is a piece of junk.



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                  lchapman66 Level 1

                  If the webcam shows up in the options, then it isn't diabled.