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      Guys, I am frustrated. Frustrated beyond words that i can lay down here. I have a canon xh a1 with hdv footage of a wedding. I have adobe premiere pro cs5 and all I want to do is capture my footage. IT WONT LET ME. my canon xl2 capture via firewire works. But as soon as I hook up an hd camera, ADobe doesnt recognize it!. I have windows 7 64 bit and never had a problem capturing before. Now if i switch to sd mode in my camera, walla!!! it lets me capture. But then whats the point for hd? When i try to capture hdv footage, Adobe doesnt support it??? Its 2010 ADOBE. HD has been around for years and so has Canon. Why is Adobe having problems recognizing my HD footage? I tried Onlocation as well and same thing occurs.


      Please help me. Only experienced people who either had the same issues or Adobe porofessionals. I have experimented a lot with this issue for the past month and couldnt find anything so no noob answers please. Thanks