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    CS5 no flv import?

    MennovD Level 1

      I am trying to import a flv file into premiere CS5.

      Everytime I get the message "The file has an unsupported compression type"


      The same flv file I can import in Premiere CS4 on the same machine.


      anyone else having the same issues?


      Is there a solution?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Convert to something editable.

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            FLV is a supported filetype, but it is a container, and relies on codecs installed on your machine.


            Since CS4 is working, the flv codec in this file must be one of those that premiere is looking for a particular location for the codec.


            I don't know the solution, but here's the help file that says flv is supported and relies on multiple codecs.


            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WSd79b3ca3b623cac97fa024001235833a568-800 0.html


            I am still on CS3, and I agree with Harm's recommendation of converting.

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              MennovD Level 1

              Thanks Stan,


              I think it has got something to do with the 64 bit version.


              Converting is an extra step which I would like to avoid since I got lots of flv's to make a first edit with.





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                tjsCreative1 Level 1

                Same problem here, trying to import iStock video comp for

                layout of project.  CS4 imports ok, but CS5 won't and i'm too far along to

                restart in CS4.  Tried to export from CS4 to convert to h.264 but that won't

                fly either. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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                  tjsCreative1 Level 1

                  Tried handbrake and Premiere Pro/media encoder CS4, but no luck.

                  Is this something unique to iStock's video or protection of their video comp files?

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    I just downloaded an iStock FLV, and it imports perfectly well into CS5--in fact, it plays back better than in CS4 (I've done a number of projects using iStock clips in the same manner you're describing). Are you using a retail version of CS5, or a trial?


                    Also, check that the FLV plays back properly outside of Premiere after you've tried importing it. Sometimes, PPro does funky things with some filetypes upon import; it tries to inject metadata which ocassionally is not copasetic with the format container, and breaks it.

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                      tjsCreative1 Level 1



                      Thank you very much for your prompt and personal reply.  I'm very impressed.


                      I am using licensed CS5 Master Collection.  Both problem clips play well in flv player and can be imported into PP CS4.  The problem clips are comp versions (used for planning and layout before buying) #9553243 and #3696979.


                      In the past, I have done this in CS4 and all worked well.  iStock video #6804392 is one I used first as a comp, and then licensed.  Again, the comp will not import into CS5, saying "unsupported compression type" but the mov file works well.  I just can't afford to buy the files before trying them.


                      Is there any possibility that having CS4 still on the computer is causing a problem?


                      I'll be happy to send the files, under 3 mb each, if you're interested.


                      By the way, aside from this aggravation, CS5 is tremendous, I'm very pleased.


                      Yours truly,




                      Todd Schuett Photo and Video

                      Creative Technology Corp.

                      1280 Seabury Cir

                      Carol Stream, IL 60188

                      Tel. 847-910-1258


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                        Colin Brougham Level 6



                        Just one user trying to help another! We're all in the same crazy boat


                        Let me try to download the clips you mentioned, and give them a try. It's possible that it's some different variant of FLV, but that seems unlikely. I would imagine that iStock has standardized their comp versions to prevent any major headaches. I've got CS4 currently installed on the system I just tested with CS5, so I don't think that's likely the problem. If I can get those files to work, I'll have you send yours to see if there's something weird with the files themselves.


                        We'll be back in two-and-two...

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                          Colin Brougham Level 6

                          Well, shuck my corn--you ain't crazy, after all! I think I know what's going on, but first, a slideshow...


                          Check this out... this is a MediaInfo report on the first clip I tested:



                          And here's one of your clips...





                          Since Premiere Pro CS5 is a 64-bit application, it requires 64-bit encoders and decoders for the various format support. Unfortunately, it would appear that Sorenson Spark didn't get the 64-bit treatment (which makes sense--it's a long-dead codec as far as I'm concerned), and so it will not work in CS5, as it is. It works OK in CS4, since CS4 is only a 32-bit application. The On2 VP6 codec, on the other hand, has a 64-bit version, so that's why that comes into CS5 without an issue.


                          This is going to be a continuing saga for a while to come, as we transition into the 64-bit platform. I've been bitten by this issue with a couple of other esoteric or at least aging formats and codecs that don't have 64-bit support, and likely never will. The only workaround, at least with CS5, is to convert the FLVs into "something else" that you can import into PPro CS5. I would guess that you could CS4 for this purpose now, or some other third-party app. I'm sure the Sorenson Spark vs. On2 VP6 codec issue with iStock's comps is due to the age of the clips; the Spark clips are likely older, and I would imagine that most new clips and comps are encoded with VP6. Unfortunately, it'll probably just be luck of the draw, as I see no indication on iStock of which is which!


                          Anyway, I hope that helps you understand the issue--I realize it doesn't offer an immediate solution, but we're sort of at an evolutionary dead-end with these particular files. Such is progress


                          Let us know if you have any other questions--good luck!


                          ADDENDUM: Oh, for what it's worth, I just tested converting the Spark FLV into an H.264 file in CS4, and that imported into CS5, no problems at all. If you can't get that to work, post back and we'll work it out.

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                            tjsCreative1 Level 1

                            Understanding is 95% of solving any problem.  This helps me enormously and hopefully helps iStock (and others?) move forward.  I'll work around in other ways and hopefully gain iStock's ear on the issue.  THANK YOU for your quick and professional help.

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                              Colin Brougham Level 6

                              Glad to help. We're obviously at a bit of a crossroads right now, so the transition is not likely to be too pretty. I would guess that iStock is probably not going to go back and re-encode all of their Spark-encoded comps (I can't imagine how many clips are in their library!) but I think it's probable that, going forward, they'll be using somewhat more contemporary technology, like On2 VP6 (which is sort of a dinosaur in its own right).


                              Anyway, happy editing...

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                                MennovD Level 1

                                Thanks Colin!


                                I didn't know the codec has to be 64 bit also. Does make sense though.




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                                  Colin Brougham Level 6



                                  Glad we could solve the issue... even if it's a month late for you!

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                                    MennovD Level 1

                                    Better late than never. Since no one had an answer or similar issues I was thinking it had something to do with my installation.

                                    I did convert the flv's to something usable with "SUPER", but the extra step is really annoying when browsing/downloading files and test them quickly in your comp.




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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                                      Though CS4.2.1 (IIRC) and CS5 have FLV support for most flavors, if you are still having issues, I'd look at Moyea FLV Importer for PrPro. Back in CS3 and earlier, it did a great job with every FLV that I could through at it. Now, there was a time lag, before it was ported to CS4, but I think that they have the full, CS5 version now. Please check that, before you buy. Forget if they have a trail, or not. Also, one of their engineers posts here often, with notes on improvements and releases. Cannot recall his name now, but think I might be able to locate him in the Lounge. If so, I'd maybe drop him a PM, or an e-mail, if you have specific questions vis-a-vis CS5. That would be better than relying on my feeble memory of which PrPro versions are supported.


                                      Good luck,




                                      PS - when I went to get the link, I did see a trial, but I also saw that CS5 was not listed in the system requirements. Do not know if that's something that has not been updated yet, or if it's a deal-breaker. If so, sorry.

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                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                        Sorry I didn't see this thread before it got so long.


                                        Here's the real answer:


                                        Premiere Pro CS5 can import FLV files with video encoded using the On2 VP6 video codec; Premiere Pro CS5 can’t import FLV files with video encoded with the Sorenson Spark video codec. As with any unsupported format, transcode the file to a format that Premiere Pro can import.


                                        This is a licensing issue, not a technical issue. Adobe didn't license the Sorenson Spark codec for any of the CS5 applications.


                                        This is mentioned in the Adobe Media Encoder CS5 Help and After Effects CS5 Help (which I wrote). I added a note to the bottom of the Premiere Pro CS5 Help document about imported formats. This information will be in the main body of the document when I push a new version out in early July.

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                                          tjsCreative1 Level 1

                                          I really appreciate the details I've gotten on this through the forum.  As I've already stressed, CS5 has been a very nice experience overall.  Can I license a plugin?  As a user of iStock videos, I'd anticipate I may see a lot of this issue and I don't want an extra step.  Otherwise, what suggestions for transcoding might you offer to minimize loss and optimize convenience?  Quite frankly, I'm in business too, so I understand things like licensing issues, but this doesn't make sense with the proliferation of flash files, especially for Adobe, Flash's "proliferator."


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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            Thank you for the comprehensive explanation. That will be very helpful both here and now, and again in the future. As Flash is appearing everywhere (save for Steve Jobs' office), we'll likely field similar questions again.





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                                              Umed Annaniaz Level 1

                                              Excuse my naivity, but which settings to choose from the sequence presets? Or how do you set it up manually (must be possible...) in the "general" tab? (it's called a tab right?, it looks like a tab... )

                                              None seem to match. flv is just not on the list. and upon launch, do you choose dv or hdv for capture format?

                                              I'm coming from AE and boy is importing... complicated (to put in very gentlemanly) in PremPro.

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                                                Powered by Design Level 4

                                                @ Umed


                                                I dont work with flv files but you can drag your footage to the New Item icon and Premiere will create a sequence that matches it for you.





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                                                  Umed Annaniaz Level 1

                                                  Thanx Glenn for taking the time.

                                                  Unfortunately it didn't work for me.

                                                  Screenshot below:

                                                  flv error.png

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                                                    UlfLaursen Level 2

                                                    Thanks Colin and Todd - good info to know before stuggeling with the same issue.



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                                                      John S. Peterson Level 1

                                                      Any chance of getting a list of the decoders in Premiere CS 5.5?, both bundled and possible addons.

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                                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                        > Any chance of getting a list of the decoders in Premiere CS 5.5?, both bundled and possible addons.


                                                        The formats that Premiere Pro can import are listed here:

                                                        "Supported import formats"

                                                        You can add codecs to either QuickTime or (on Windows) the AVI system to expand the capabilities.

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                                                          I was facing this same situation today an a friend pointed me to a free utility that was able to transcode my FLV (Sorenson Spark) to MP4:




                                                          Hope this helps.



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                                                            Keith_Clark Level 2

                                                            I have used Moyea flv to video converter for this when I had to work with flvs. Was able to convert to lossless avi, and works perfectly in PrPro. Has a batch conversion so you can dump them all in, set it up, and convert all to lossless avi.

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                                                              I've Checked the Link also and Nothing has changed since Bill's Comments in 2010.

                                                              It's Now May 2012. Would have Been a Great Solution for CS5 and Later otherwise!



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                                                                49Shrike Level 1

                                                                Colin thanks for the info - very helful!


                                                                My FLV1 (Sorense Spark) files were all downloaded with the RealNetworks (RealPlayer) downloader and their converter will convert to a wmv format which can be imported into Premiere Pro CS6.

                                                                I guess an updated Video downloader will help, But Meantime and Integrated Solution would be Nice!!

                                                                I checked out


                                                                on  http://worldtv.com/blog/guides_tutorials/flv_converter.php

                                                                BUT I'm not so sure the Codec can be integrated into the Media Encoder!

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                                                                  49Shrike Level 1

                                                                  Thanks Glen,

                                                                  Your suggestion to Drag to a New Item Unfortunately didn't work for me Either.

                                                                  I'm Using PP CS6

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                                                                    For anyone who still has this issue, installing Perian (which is a free set of codecs!) will enable you to import .flv's from Shutterstock in PP  CS5. I just had the same issues as above and this solved the problem.