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    GTX 480, the Hack, Gaussian Blur Failure

    AudoWarp Level 1

      I just added my GTX 480 to the text file, and Premiere sees my GPU.

      Multiple layers run smoothly (sometimes!?!), with the yellow line.

      Adding Guassian Blur added to any layer does not turn the line red.  However, when I scrub the G. Blur value, the video gets cropped.  The higher the value, the more the crop--the right edge of the video shrinks and grows as I scrub, down to a minimum of the left 1/8 of the original shot.

      Marking the "repeat edges" box severely alters the colors.

      "Horizontal and vertical" shows this glitch.

      "Horizontal only" shows this glitch.

      "Vertical Only" does NOT give this glitch.

      Other effects seem to work fine so far after minimal experimentation.

      Setting the MPE to "software only" does not give ANY glitch, but it does give the red line.

      Am I being singled out, or has anyone else experienced this issue?

      The video being mangled by GPU hack Gaussian Blur is Canon T2i native footage.