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    Update portion of air application


      I have a big air application (more then 200 MB)

      When i do a new update i would create a package only with modified file (and not all)

      I read that tha applicationdirecotry is ReadOnly so my application copy all file into
      applicationStorageDirectory but i woul delete original file to avoid duplicate . What i can do?

      i'm new with flex...thank for help

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          Since AIR does not have a security sandbox, you can use the URLLoader and URLRequest to retrieve an xml file from your server. This xml file contains all versions of each of the files that your program uses. If your program finds a new file it has not listed inside its own version of that xml file, it downloads it, as well when it finds a file that has been outdated.

          If you place each of the files the program uses for download on a (perhaps with SSL secured?) server, the program can download all of the files it needs.


          Then you can use some code of this:


          to implement the download process (except that you need to get the URL to the location of your program, where the user would drag the icon to)

          Hope it helps

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            thank for your replay


            I use flex 3 with AIR 1.5 .....

            (how i can change version of air with flex3')


            Exist another way to update only a portion of AIR application?

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              bartvbl Level 1

              Wrll, you either need to write a costum updater, or use the update API from AIR. Im afraid those are the only options.

              Of course you can always try to shrink your application as much as possible (for example: if you have a lot of 4Mb pictures, you could decrease the size of them to 1Mb each), although I dont know what could possibly make up to 200Mb in your app.

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                michy77 Level 1


                my application contains more document such as pdf and video

                When i create package for distribute application, i included the "documentation directory" so, during installation, the file are copied on pc... If i exclude "documentation directory" i must find a way to automatic copy file from directory where i lunch "myapp.air" to installation directory (or



                many thanks for your help

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  You'll probably run into security permissions if you attempt to write data to your application directory.  Instead, I'd recommend writing to applicationStorageDirectory.