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    nube Stabilization question.

    Brad J Hayes

      I have been through a few tutorials and I'm starting to get the Stabilize Motion / Track motion features.  But I have some footage that was shot hand held, and I still want it to feel hand held, just less. If I stabalize it it becomes rock sollid, except for the perspective shifts.  Is there a way to stabilize my plate, and then just dial back the stabilization. I still want some motion in it jsut not as much.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, you just pre-compose your stabilized footage, than use that pre-comp as a layer in the main comp. Then you can copy&paste the tracker keyframes to the position property and invert their values using a simple expression like




          There's also an Unstabilize script out there that automates this, so search AEnhancers.com and AEScripts.com.