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    Unable to change off-line mode


      I upgraded from LiveCycle Cafe to Enterprise Cafe.  Enterprise Cafe started in off-line mode and I can't find any settings to get online.  How do I fix this?


      I also get a message Login Error: There is no Internet access.  Please check your network connection. when I try to connect to the Forums.

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          Have what seems to be exactly the same issue in Enterprise Cafe (never used the old LiveCycle Cafe).


          Have Enterprise Cafe running on my work Win XP PC but I have a message in the  bottom right saying "Currently viewing in off-line mode. Some of the  plug-ins and their content will not be available."


          There is no info under any category or icon, and the feedback page  says: "Login Error: There is no internet access. Please check your  network connection."



          I'm currently connected to the internet via the work LAN and proxy server,  with no other connection problems in any other app.



          I'm assuming this is because AIR/Enterprise cafe aren't reading and  using my system's proxy settings? Is there anyway that I can change the  settings to get it to use the LAN's proxy server connection? Or get any  other diagnostic info to see why it won't connect.

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            t lui

            Enterprise Cafe is an Adobe AIR application. Such applications use the system proxy settings, meaning you should configure your proxy in the general "Network Connection" settings of Windows, or in the System > Network > Advanced settings on Mac OS X.

            Another tip is to check if "Work Offline" is enabled in Internet Explorer. Toggle this on and back off and see if that works.

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              smfletcher Level 1

              Everything worked fine with LiveCycle Cafe on my system - winXP running IE6.  What changed in Enterprise Cafe that makes it unable to pick up my proxy settings?  I can't make a lot of changes to my network settings since I'm using my work PC.


              I also tried this on a win7 system with IE8 and got the same results.

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                t lui Level 1

                Using Internet Explorer, are you able to access https://demo.adobe.com?

                (only IE since we want to ensure system proxy settings are used)

                Cafe tests online connectivity by accessing this site.


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                  smfletcher Level 1

                  I could connect via IE6 and was able to log in to the site.