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    Lightroom 3 x64 win - print module no image display

    krupala Level 1

      Hi, after clean install of lightroom x64 on W7 enterprise x64 i am not able to see any preview in print module. Slideshow, web is working fine, but print module shows only blank gray page, no rulers, grid (even if checked in preferences). Tried to change default printer from Canon iP5300 USB to any other printer (printing from other applications are without any problem). I saw this problem long time ago in L2, but dont remember the solution.

      Please, has anyone same problem or know how to solve it?

      Thank you.



      Some news: I tried to put new installation of LR3 on a fresh install of W7 x64. Preview is working fine, but after 1 week, the same problem. No installation of any additional printers or devices during this time. The preview is working only in catalog with small jpg files. Any other catalog with RAW images (10mpx) doesn't show preview in print module. The Camera RAW cache is purged, catalog is optimized. Is there any tip how to show the preview? Thank you.

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          Danzas2011 Level 1

          Hi, i have exactly the same problem, but found no solution yet. Please do anybody know how to solve it?

          Thanks a lot in advance.


          What helped just now for me (for a while...):

          I have some print preset with five panos on one page. When i selected it, suddendly the preview started appearing correctly and also LR presets after, but now again back and not showing anything in preview of print.. :-(


          Now working!

          I deleted file "LrTemplateCache.lrcache" from "C:\Users\-------\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Print Templates" several times between exiting and loading LR and now the preview is working perfectly also with my old presets.

          Hope this will work for the future...


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            tomswie76 Level 1

            I just had exactly the same problem: no image preview or grid and rulers view in Print module of Lightroom 3 (3.3) after fresh install of the software - just a big blank white page. My operating system is Windows 7 x64 and this problem appeared in both 32 and 64 bit versions of Lightroom. The cause and solution was simple - on the right side panel in menu "Layout" no "Ruler Units" was set - just empty space. When I clicked on this space on the right to "Ruler Units" and choosed any of them - let's say  "Milimeters" - the print preview and "Guides" appeared immediately. Then I could change the measure unit but not unchecked them totally.  I think that this must be the minor bug in the software.

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              krupala Level 1

              Hi tomswie76, i found your solution absolutely working.

              Just turn on milimeters in preview module and prev

              iew is on again. This works on all of my catalogues.