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    Crashed while running V3.  Catalog now appears to have a "problem"...

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      Standard configuration I've been running for MONTHS.  Asus P6T, i7 920, 6GB DDR3 memory, 4, 1TB disks.  Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. Nothing special.


      In all the time I've been running this it HAS NEVER CRASHED.  I have NEVER gotten a BSOD.  It worked perfectly with CS4. It worked perfectly with LR 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7.  It worked perfectly when I upgraded to CS5.


      Today, while in LR V3, editing an image in Develop, I got a BSOD.  Crash.  System rebooted immediately and appears to be fine. Everything else I've tried works perfectly......


      EXCEPT when I run Lightroom.  Everything LOOKS fine - folders show images, keywords are still there, Collections are still there.  But I no longer have previews...  Just EMPTY yellow, green, and blue boxes.  42,000 EMPTY BOXES.......


      Optimizing the catalog, shutting down LR, restarting made NO difference.


      Purging cache made NO difference.


      Synchronizing folders made NO difference.


      The files are still on the disk.  The images are FINE in Bridge.


      They just don't show up in Lightroom any more.


      Rather than blaming some SIGNIFICANT problem with Lightroom, lets just say some amazing, magical set of circumstances occurred that caused all this... But the NET is Lightroom catalog or previews or SOMETHING appears to be totally screwed up......


      Anybody got any ideas of what else I can try, now would be a good time.  BEFORE I have to blow the catalog away and let the system spend the next UMPTEEN hours rebuilding?