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    Flex Newbie - Communications query.


      Hi, old to programming, new to  flex, so its a lot to take in, and any pointers at what to look at are greatly helpful.


      I wish to communicate data on a server between all clients using a flash app (built in flex builder) and also to send data from a client to the other clients and to the server.


      Client to all all clients would be good for sending a update message (ie user has left application) so the other clients do not have to query the server, as long as the original client tells the server, and updates the other clients.



      What sort of communication options are available with flex?


      What areas should I be investigating, what is the most efficient way of sending data to/from a client to a server, and is it possible to do the same client to all clients (and  client to specific client).


      I can write server side stuff in php, if I know what sort of stuff I need to be dealing with flex side..


      Im trying to knock up a simple video chat room based on the flex videochat example, one to one communication works, now I need to look at communicating with multiple users, and updating them all with who has left the room, when someone enters a room, when a new room is created etc etc.


      But being new to flex, I dont know what area's to investigate.


      Familar (a little) with php, have own dedicated centos server to work on, and willing to do  lots of experimentation, if I just knew what area's to avoid and waht areas to concentrate on (with simple starter examples to build up from)


      Many thanks in advance if anyone can shed any light...