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    AVCHD audio glitch/drop on spanned clips - CS4


      Hello all,


      I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue.  We have an Sony NX5U Camera, and when we shoot long format, the camera breaks the AVCHD clips into 2gb sections. (Spanned clips).


      When we bring them into Premiere CS4 they play just fine - except at the point where the 1st clip joins up to the 2nd clip, and so forth.  There is a small audio drop out, about 1/2 second in length.  It is not on the file itself, (plays just fine in camera, and in FCP on Mac), this only occurs in CS4. It seems to be the way CS4 is reading the file.


      We have tried multiple workarounds, creating proxy files in AME, rendering out just the audio, etc, but it seems no matter what we try we always loose 1/2 second of just the audio on spanned clips.  This is not just a render/playback issue. Even if we run the original MTS files through AME and export avis of them, they still produce the glitch when in premiere - thus the problem is the way CS4 AME and PP is reading the AVCHD MTS files.


      Anyone know if there is a work around for this?


      We are running CS4 4.2.1 with a pretty fast system.  Quad 3.2ghz, 4gb ram, win xp 32bit.   Again, playback is not an issue, its only when the 1st part of a spanned clip meets the 2nd part of a spanned clip.


      Lastly, based off someones post on youtube regarding this issue, they recommened a MTS merger program - however the merged files take forever and a day to load. Didnt really work.


      Thanks very much for any help!!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          A LOT of people have complained about this in various forums.


          I'm not aware of any fix, except to use I-frame only sources such as DV, DVCPRO HD, AVC-I and R3D.

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            vdoeditr Level 1

            Step one, when you copy the files from your camera, don't just copy the .mts files.  Copy the entire AVCHD folder.  This folder contains other data/info. (a directory structure for AVCHD files)  Bring that whole folder off of your camera, and place it somewhere on your computer's harddrive.


            Step two, go into CS4's media browser window and navigate to the "AVCHD" folder that you brought from your camera.  Click on that folder and it will automatically see the .mts files as one large "stitched together file" just the same as your camera does when you playback the footage from the camera. (no more audio or video frames dropped at the joining of clips)  From the media browser window, import the footage, then take that footage from your project panel to the timeline.


            Note:  AVCHD footage is HIGHLY compressed.....if you don't have MAJOR horsepower, you will find it difficult or next to impossible to edit/playback native long-duration AVCHD clips on your timeline.  The next thing to do then is once you have taken the file from the media browser to the proj. panel, and then finally to the timeline, export the timeline to the Adobe Media encoder, and transcode that file into a format that is more edit friendly.  (Mac users can transcode to Prores....which is FANTASTIC.  PC users will have to use uncompressed AVI, or download the Cineform codec.)


            This takes a few hours, so set it up to transcode before going to bed at night, and your editable files will be done when you wake up.



            Hope this helps.





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              martinedit Level 1

              Hi Eric,


              Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately this doesnt work - that was actually the first thing we tried.


              This is a known problem in Premiere, perhaps its actually more of an issue with AVCHD than Premiere itself, but Im looking to see if anyone has a workflow to correct this issue.



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                vdoeditr Level 1




                Sorry to hear that didn't work for ya.  I have edited AVCHD in CS4, on a buddy of mine's CS5, and also in FCP and I have yet to have trouble with any of them recognizing the files as large stitched together files.


                If you find out what is causing the trouble...be sure to post it up here for all of us.


                Good Luck,