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    anyone else here?

      I'm doing flashlite projects in japan, so thot may as well start a topic here!

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          imodejon Community Member
          hey! very good to see that there is someone else doing the same! I work and live in Tokyo. we should get together for a drink and talk!
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            Looks like there is 3 of us then.

            I have just started with flash lite (and flash) and am currently messing with it to see what can/can't be done.

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              imodejon Community Member
              very cool! do you work at a company making these? That is what i am doing. have you been working with any FL2?
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                Hey guys, signing in from Tokyo also.
                Doing a bit of FL2 development myself but still nothing happening with the phones in Japan. Any word on when 2.0 will become available on the handsets here? Me, I am more interested in doing some development around video and music...
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                  imodejon Community Member
                  unfortunately, they wont be available for a while. just the way things seem (news and estimation) it may not be too long from now. I got a phone that was supposibly supposed to work, but Vodafone restricted any files (flash2.0.sis) from being installed on the handsets. My advice is to just make files and files until the phones come out. I am certain japan will be the first with FL2 phones just like FL 1.0 and FL 1.1.
                  Here is some news that makes you wonder.
                  * * * Keitai info * * *
                  I hope you can read japanese. but basically, it says that Adobe is extremely interested in investing in the japanese mobile market. With such great reputation, it would be stupid for phone manufacturers not to pre-install FL 2 within this year.
                  what do you think?
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                    the.ex.hipster Community Member
                    Yeah, from what I have read recently, it doesn't seem that we'll be able to test on the phones here until later in the year. Not exactly sure when though...
                    The phone that you bought, was it the 702NKII? We had considered picking one up also until we started reading around about Vodafone and not being able to view content other than their own. I can't see any other way to test but on the emulators for the moment. I have come up with a cool idea but have only tested it on the Nokia emulators... not sure if it would work on the actual phone. Dying to find out though.
                    Yes, I think there's money to be made with content geared towards 2.0. We just started up last year doing mobile phone content and are eager to put something out on 2.0.
                    By the way, (imodejon) I checked you websites... the "mobiledesigner" site is cool. Also, had a look around on "mopile"...
                    Do you guys get out to the Mobile Mondays?
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                      imodejon Community Member
                      Thank you for your compliment and having a look around "mopile". I had made "mopile" 3 years ago. there are quite a few people checking the 携帯site, but i use it personally since it has more information than the other portals out there worldwide. And yes, you are right. my company bought the 702NKII for me to test. now it just sits on my desk collecting dust. I had made MANY phone calls to China, usa, here in japan, and Europe trying to figure out a way to get the darn thing to install FL 2, but no luck. We are so in the the testing phase with FL2 that we are actually doing the pioneering. Im sure that either DoComo or AU KDDI will be the first (vodafone being so hesitant) to have FL 2 preinstalled on the phones. Perhaps the 2 carriers are testing and making FL2 apps before the rest of us developers to give themselves a head start. ま。。。しょうがない。。。
                      As for the FL2 forum, there are a lot of developers asking and helping each other, but once FL2 is released in Japan, we will have this forum filled up!
                      i wonder if your app will actually work on the actual phones. Im very curious if we can actually use the "left" key for navigation and if we can navigate on the phone with the FL app downloaded to the folders...that would be very cool.
                      At the moment, i have been making FL 1.1 apps for our mobile websites (we have 7) and have been stumped with many things that we cannot do (such as onClipEvent).
                      Are you on the official menu? What sites do you have at the moment? We have the following:
                      * Enjoy China
                      * Enjoy Korea
                      * Chakusong USA
                      * Nanndemo
                      * Yoshii Kazuya (formally The Yellow Monkeys; musicians)
                      * Festa Latina
                      * SLT (Sing Like Talking; musicians)
                      We will be making a site f or "machuke" sometime this year which will have all of the FL 1.1 apps that I have made over the years.
                      We are located in Kudanshita on the Hanzomon line. And yourself?
                      We havent done Mobile Mondays yet. i missed the last one (had planned and got busy and forgot) but will try to go to the next one. What about you? how was it?
                      Keep in touch!
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                        the.ex.hipster Community Member
                        No, our service is not on any of the official menu's... we are more on the B2B side. Basically what we've done is combine GPS and blogging. Since all AU handsets are pretty much GPS equipped, at the moment our service is only geared towards AU users (which will change in a month or so). With our service, when users make a blog entry, an icon is place on a map. When users make a search, they get a map (200m around their position) with the icons on top. They can then click on an icon to read what's been posted. They can also add comments, etc. to that blog entry. Most people blog about shops and restaurants... The best thing about the service is that its pure XHTML, meaning no extra software downloads. With NaviWalk, it takes about 40 seconds to get a map but with our service, you can have a map in less than 10 seconds. Pretty quick because you skip all the text links. So, most to the attention we have received is centered around B2B location-based services and customization of our service for various clients. Most people who approach us have their own content and want us to customize a setup for their needs.
                        As far as location, we are over in Ebisu (actually between Ebisu and Hiroo)... Have a look at our website: www.naviblog.jp
                        Me, I am a graphic designer by trade with lots of experience with Flash but only recently started trying my hand with mobile phones and Flash Lite. With 2.0, just seems like the possibilites are limitless, especially around multimedia.
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                          the.ex.hipster Community Member
                          Oh yeah, concerning Mobile Mondays, we are due to give a presentation on May 15 at the KDDI Designing Studio... 7pm.
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                            imodejon Community Member
                            I took a look at your content on a AU phone. I couldnt quite navigate to the GPS map. perhaps im doing it wrong. But what a VERY useful idea. I am sure that it will be a hit! let's hope that you can get it patented asap!
                            Our company works mostly with music, FL 1.1, and AU Talk Collection (recently started). I would have liked to get into the Navi thing, but our boss is concentrating on the Entertainment end of the mobile phone industry.
                            I signed my colleagues and myself up for the MM in Tokyo. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing any opportunities if any.
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                              the.ex.hipster Community Member
                              imodejon, which handset are you using? I will check to make sure its in the list of compatibiles.
                              Yeah, it would be cool meeting up with you guys at MoMo's... talk a bit about Flash and any possibilities. The CEO here and myself will be up giving the presentation. I will take the first half (what we're doing now basically) and he will talk about the future and make a couple of announcements. We've been approached by a couple of large companies and the chances of us making some deals is pretty good so we'll touch on that a bit also.
                              Anyway, I am always around Ebisu and Shibuya for drinks, if you're around, lets get together.
                              If you are interested in the navigation area, you should probably stop around our office and have a chat. We are always looking to deal with experienced people.
                              Still haven't been able to find any Japanese emulators for FL2... any ideas?
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                                imodejon Community Member
                                Hope you had a great Golden Week!
                                I look forward to hearing you at the Mobile Monday on the 15th. We had a look at your mobinavi app. and wondered if you were using flash and if you were going to make an English version. It is a neat application and think that it will do good. but all is needed is people to first begin blogging. By having hundreds of bloggers already blogging on your site could help you pass the application.
                                As for the FL2 devices, "d3ntaku" already has been able to use a Japanese device with FL2. I am waiting for his response on how to do this.
                                ""d3ntaku", could you please explain how you were able to use the FL2 player on a Japanese device? I would be willing to meet you at your office location for lunch.
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                                  the.ex.hipster Community Member
                                  Hey man, thanks for the post...
                                  Yeah, Golden Week wasn't so golden... you know, in this business either you do it at the office or you do it a home. Its no escaping it. Anyway, hope you guys did find some time to relax and have a beer.
                                  MobileMonday is going to be pretty cool... have a couple of big announcements and have invited some people from the press. Also, one of the other presenters is doing FlashLite related services. Looking forward to it...
                                  If I could get my hands on a test device, life would be sweet. Still looking and waiting for "d3ntaku's" response. Maybe his GW hasn't ended yet...
                                  We are very interested in meeting up with you to find out more about what you're doing and if there are any future possibilities. If you can get around here to Ebisu for lunch (or we could come over around your area if that is easier for you) on the 16th of this month, it would be cool. Again, we (the CEO and I) are very interested in FL2 and what it can do. Even though we are straight XHTML (faster/no downloads required) at the moment, we'd like our service to move onto FlashLite some time in the near future.
                                  If you want to contact me and discuss a lunch meeting, use this address: harris@naviblog.jp
                                  Oh, concerning more bloggers. Yes, of course that would be cool but at the moment we are more focused on customizing the system for B2B purposes and targeting content holders who want to place their content on maps. We feel that by having an established B2B setup, then B2C will follow naturally.
                                  Hope to hear from you soon.
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                                    imodejon Community Member
                                    I think that it would be best to meet with you in Ebisu. There arent that many places to eat here in Kudanshita. Plus I would like to escape the silence of the office to get a breath of fresh air. But let us meet Monday.
                                    Well, I will be bringing 3 other people with me to the Mobile Monday event. Seems exciting! David from Pikkle will be coming, i see. He made some neat stuff. Sounds as if he will be showing off his FL2 stuff. Gotta talk to him to see how he did it too.
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                                      imodejon Community Member
                                      The presentation at the Mobile Monday was great! I really liked the music at the beginning of the presentation. Please tell me what song and group that was!
                                      I wanted to meet with you after the presentation, but you were busy talking with someone else, so i talked very breifly with your ceo.
                                      Has anything progresses since your presentation?
                                      Please tell me the name of the song and musician that was on the presentation.
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                                        the.ex.hipster Community Member
                                        Hey dude, thanks for coming to the presentation... Been pretty hectic around here recently.
                                        The song in our video is: Title: Open Up, Artist: Leftfield
                                        Hope you can find it, its a cool song.


                                        Originally posted by: imodejon
                                        The presentation at the Mobile Monday was great! I really liked the music at the beginning of the presentation. Please tell me what song and group that was!
                                        I wanted to meet with you after the presentation, but you were busy talking with someone else, so i talked very breifly with your ceo.
                                        Has anything progresses since your presentation?
                                        Please tell me the name of the song and musician that was on the presentation.

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                                          Bill Perry Community Member
                                          hey guys,

                                          Catching up on your thread here. As I mentioned in another post in this forum there aren't any FL2 phones in Japan yet but if you want to test FL2 content/apps on a phone you can buy a Nokia handset (N70) grey market and use it on DoCoMo's network. Last time I was in Tokyo I was able to use my N70 with my US Cingular SIM card to make and receive calls - and FL2 data apps worked.

                                          Granted the ways in which FL2 is supported on Nokia handsets may be different than what may be available in Japan by the operators there (who decide to pre-install it on their phones), but you'll be able to start testing first hand your apps.

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                                            imodejon Community Member
                                            It seems that all we have to do is wait until July 17 when DoComo releases its N702is. With its gravity AS, this is telling me that it uses FL2. Am I wrong? Softbank (vodafone Japan) has also released their FL2 version, perhaps and AU KDDI will more than likely quickly follow behind.
                                            Am I wrong!?