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    Layers Disappear As States are Created - How Do I Manage?


      Dear FW Gurus,


      I'm used to working in Imageready where each "state" or "frame" is defined by the layers that are turned on or off.  I've read the manual on Fireworks animation, but I can't find anything that mentions how to manage your layers while you animate.  Every time I try to animate a set of objects I can only get through one Layer.  By the time I'm ready to animate Layer 2, it is empty!  I've been having to save a separate file that includes all layers and copy and paste them into my animation project.  This can't be the best way of animating, I'm sure.


      Can someone please enlighten me on this? I'm working in CS4, Mac 10.5.8


      Thank you in advance,


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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The Fireworks hierarchy is:






          Each State can contain multiple layers (and sublayers) and objects. You can share or limit  the visibility of layer contents to states. regardless though, the actual layers themselves will be present in all states. Delete the layer, and it's no longer part any state on the page, including any objects it contained.


          The contents of a layer can be unique from state to state, and I mean completely unique. Different colors, objects, positions, effects.


          For example, in State 1 you have a layer containing foreground object which will end up being animated.


          You also have a separate layer which holds the background image or color for the animation. The content of this layer will remain exactly the same for the animation duration.


          You can Share the background layer to all states, because it doesn't change.


          As you add new duplicate states, you can change the position of the object in the first layer.  Add enough states and move the object enough and you have an animation.


          Above is a very simplistic example but hopefully it helps. There are other ways to generate animations rather than the manual process listed above.


          This link might also be helpful:





          Jim Babbage

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            iSickles Level 1

            Thank you, Jim, this helps a lot.  I've been looking at the heirarchy as Pages, Layers, States...  Your suggestions make sense now and I'll give them try and read up on that article.


            Thanks again,