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    Some suggestions

    Herve Dupriez techies

      1) the generated code could be commented and tabulated.

      2) apparently you can only specify small size icons?

      3) dependencies between the names (filenames, operation names...) and component.xml are not managed (changing a name in component.xml does not update the corresponding asset name, and vice-versa)

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          Michael.Imhoff Community Member

          It would also be nice to include "properties" files in the build.xml so that resource bundles are included by default.


          <zipfileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="**/*.xml,**/*.java,**/*.properties"/>


          Have a good day,


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            Gary Gilchrist techies

            Thank You!


            We do need to work on the code generation, probably by using a template approach.


            We fixed the icon issue recently, I think. We're also planning on UI improvements so another drop ought to be happening in the near future


            As for bi-directional updates - our philosophy was to accelerate the creation of a custom DSC project to get you to a certain stage where you are just working with a Java Eclipse project and component xml. Generation of the component xml from the wizard pages is currently implemented in a one-way fashion although we could (with more work) re-parse the xml and update the in memory model that the wizard displays. We'll consider that for release if it's feasible.


            Great suggestions and Thanks for taking the time to try it out.