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    InDesign CS4 won't recognize PDF Trim Box


      My company recently upgraded from CS2 to CS4. We are Mac based running OSX 10.4.11 and ID 6.0.5. 80% of advertisement files that we receive are PDF files which are then run through preflight using PitStop Pro and placed into an InDesign layout. If a PDF doesn't contain a trim box, which is usually because it was created using Distiller, we will then create a trim using Pitstop Pro and then place. When we made the move to CS4 we noticed that ID is no longer recognizing the trim box under the show options when placing PDF files that have been created using Distiller. Even when we use PitStop Pro to designate the trim it still will not see it. ID will see the trim box for all other PDF files, just not the ones that are created using Distiller. You can even open the PDF in Acrobat Pro, go to Crop Pages and see that Acrobat does indeed recognize that the PDF contains a trim box.


      I'm no crackpot that is asking a silly question. I've been using ID since conception and trouble shoot problems all the time, but this one has me perplexed.


      Is there anyone else that is experiencing this or a possible solution?






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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Nobody said you were a crackpot.


          I do seem to remember this being discussed quite a while ago and can't remember if it was an InDesign or Acrobat issue.


          I'll see if I can find anything.



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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            fwiw, I've mistakenly used place dialog set to crop for ages, it's a hard habit to get into trim, but I have yet to see a difference between crop & trim.

            Can anybody elaborate on the subtleties? Perhaps the OP has place to crop as an option?

            And, my 10.4.1 struggles to run CS3, I'd hate to try to get CS4 running in a production environment.

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              TBirdF16 Level 1

              Much appreciated.

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                Stix Hart Level 5

                I very faintly remember someone having this exact problem a while ago too.  Of course there is the other feature (bug) in CS4 in earlier versions that resulted in problems when you were using the bounding box to crop PDFs, it shouldn't relate to this one but it might be worth looking into.  The readme file for one of the later dot releases should detail it.  As a work around does setting the crop box the same as the trim fix it?


                On another side note I recently discovered this way of setting the place options, you could try that to see if it makes adifference but I doubt it would.


                @ Daniel Flavin, the difference between the crop and trim is exactly that, the trim is the page size you've set in an Indesign document that you've exported to PDF, while the crop is the overall size includign bleed and slug (if any) if you've included them when you exported the PDF.