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    New Build for hobbyist


      I have read a number of the very helpful articles on builds here from and I just wanted to start by saying how much I appreciate the time and effort put in to those. My situation does seem to be a bit different from many of the other posters here. Photography is a hobby for me and I would like to be able work with video in the future from my Canon 7D.

      Currently I use LR2.7 and PSE6 but plan to upgrade to LR3 a CS5 with this build. My hardest choice has been which HD configuration to utilize. I am not considering SSD's for this build.

      Here is the system I am considering;


      Corsair Obsidian 800D

      Asus PX58D Premium

      I7 930 2.8

      Thermalright True Black ultra 120 eXtreme air cooler

      Corsair 750 Watt PSU


      12gb Corsair DDR3 1600mhz (6x2)

      Win 7 Pro

      24X CD/DVD burner


      I'm unsure about which hard drive to select for the OS.

      A 640GB Caviar Black SATA III is a $29 upgrade over a standard Sata II 320 GB 7200 HD.

      The other options I am considering are a 300 GB SATA II Velociraptor $160 or a 600GB SATA III Velociraptor $240.

      While I do like fast boot times if that is the only performance gain I would see I would opt for the 640 GB Caviar Black.


      Media Drive WD Caviar Black SATA III 1 TB.


      I'm unsure if I should wait and see if I need a scratch disk or add a third smaller HD at this time for an extra $50-100.

      I am planning on a single 24" monitor and I am leaning towards the Dell U2410.

      I would greatly appreciate any thoughts and input.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          I would not invest in the upgrade to a 640 GB OS disk. While $ 29 is peanuts, you will not use more than 50 - 60 GB on the OS disk, so I consider it a waste. In addition, a 320 disk runs cooler and quieter.


          True, a Velociraptor is faster, but at a premium of $ 160 or $ 240, I would prefer to have 2 or 3 Spinpoint F3 1 TB disks to add to the system, or WD Caviar Blacks. Adding 2 or 3 of those disks will give you better performance than a fast boot disk during PS and editing.


          You may have to look at the PSU. 750 W is marginal. I would rather have some safety margin and go for a 850 W version.


          If you click on the Overview tab at the top of the Hardware forum, there is a drop down list with articles that may be worth reading.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Very similar to what I built to work with AVCHD, read http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM

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              Docsknotinn Level 1

              Thank you both for the feed back. Based on pricing and my end decision to go with a Falcon Northwest Talon I did switch to a P55 based system. I realize there is less room for expansion but honestly by the time I out grow this I'll be ready to start over any how.

              Here's what I plan to order Monday unless any one has any other input.  I do appreciate the help. Harm if your travels ever take you through Detroit please do drop a line. I'd be happy to buy a libation of your choice. It's the very least I could do as I've found your efforts in the forum quite valuable.





              Power Supply
              750 Watt Modular
              ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
              Core i7 875K 2.93GHz
              Processor Cooler
              Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2
              Processor Overclock
              Processor Overclock
              16GB (4x4GB) 1333MHz DDR3
              Video Card(s)
              GeForce GTX 470 (1280MB)
              Sound Card
              On-Board Audio
              On-Board Ethernet
              Hard Drive
              WD Caviar Black SATA 2 500GB - 7200RPM
              Hard Drives 2 and 3
              WD Caviar black SATA 3 1TB - 7200RPM

              Optical Drive
              22x DVD Writer
              Media Reader
              Internal Media Reader
              64-Bit Operating System
              Windows 7 Home Premium





              Best Regards,


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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                That power supply is not large enough... the GTX 470 has TWO power inputs and draws a LOT of power, plus multiple hard drives


                I have similar, with GTX 285, and bought an 850watt power supply

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Look here: eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro v2.5


                  Get the Pro version (it costs peanuts) and fill out your components, set CPU load to 100%, capacitor aging to 30% and then add 10 - 15% for safety.

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                    Docsknotinn Level 1

                    Thanks guys. I had run the wattage calculations and unless I'm doing some thing wrong I'm getting 625 minimum, 675 suggested. That gives me a solid 10% to spare but I doubt I will be pushing this system hard. The only other PSU option I have is 1,000 watts.

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                      Scott Chichelli Level 3

                      falcon NW? ouch

                      if you are buying from a system builder you should at least be buying from one who supports Adobe and specializes in Video editing systems

                      not gaming!


                      also for that kind of money you can get on an X58 platform not P55.

                      the X58 is more robust with much better memory bandwidth, something CS5 needs




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                        Docsknotinn Level 1

                        As I noted It's a hobby for me. Whether or not a computer builder supports Adobe or builds video editing machines is not a factor in my build.  I neither need or want a dedicated video editing machine.  Those that do build dedicated editing machines use a lot of the same components so I see little difference other than semantics between a gaming PC and one capable of editing video as long as we are actually using GPU's and not dedicated graphics cards.

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                          Scott Chichelli Level 3

                          maybe, however what about quiet components?

                          not to mention a better price! Falcon is by far one of the most expensive system builders out there

                          and support!




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                            Docsknotinn Level 1

                            I would venture a guess that just about every maker out there believes their product is the best and that they have the best service. Some may be slightly more obtuse about it than others but in the end as a consumer what I have to consider is how a maker presents them self and their product. As far as cost every system I have priced from several makers has fallen in the same range +/-  $100.