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    New hard drive - Ccleaner still preferred registry cleaner?

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      Turning chicken **** here into chicken salad.  I ordered two WD Caviar Black drives to set up in a simple two-disk RAID 0 array and found out after purchase these drives are firmware disabled by WD for RAIDing by some gremlin called WDTLER. We have had a little back-n-forth this week over whether WDTLER is trouble in RAID 0. Scott Chichelli thinks otherwise. Those who are interested can view more in this thread:




      Today's question -


      I had been using a "green" drive as my OS/programs disk in my CS5 computer. Being stuck with two new drives now, I've decided to migrate the OS and programs to one of the Caviar Black drives and use the green disk as storage.


      I have read through Harm's 2009 thread on optimizing 64 bit Vista and have applied as many changes as I could to the current Win 7 OS. I have gotten down to where he recommends Ccleaner as a registry wiper for autorun programs and the like. I'd very much like to get such a program installed and executed before I make my backup image for this computer.


      So - is this freeware program still in anyone's good graces? Or has the consensus formed around a new program for such?


      Also, one general question about using this type of program. Is it necessary to load a registry cleaner before loading the other programs, so that the sweeper program knew what was in the registry prior to any new installs? I have loaded my OS, optimized my C drive and OS per Harm's article, and now wonder if I should wait before loading anything else or making a backup image until after I run a registry sweeper.


      I'm suspecting that these registry cleaner programs need to know what the OS looked like upon a fresh install, so that it can compare any changes made in the registry. Or should I go ahead and load up CS5 and my other programs first?