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    Installed Flash Media Server 3.5 And now Need help


      Hello sir...  ihave installed Flash Media Server 3.5 On my server and got rtmp link.. now when i try to stream from another computer with that rtmp link.. i cannt connect it.. i was to use dynamic streaming..


      Please help me what to do next...


      Hope ill get my answer here



      Just want to get my own rtmp link that can work on any computer...thank you

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          If you are using the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to send the stream up to the FMS, the URL to your server should be:


          replace the zeros with your server IP address

          then give your stream a name

          Click the connect button and it should connect.

          Switch from the "Encoding Options" panel to the "Encoding Log" panel to see if connect was successful

          Then the video player you place on your web page will need to include the URL above plus the stream name.

          Best wishes.

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            hi guys. i have a similar problem ....can anyone please help me how to create live broadcasting just like if i was on USTREAM or what ever other service.. i want to be able to broadcast live audio or video or both but running out of one of my PC. i dont like the idea of USTREAM playing stupid enoying comercials during my programing. so thats why i decided to stream or broadcast using my own software or my own computer in this case. i had just tryed about anything doing web search to see if i get it to work and i havent be able to get it to work. so can anyone please please please please please help me to this? i dont know nothing about coding. at least iam honest. but i have flash media encoder and i even bought flash media server in case i needed it for this project.. but iam so mad that i havent be able to do anything with this iam about to smash everything here.. almost 2 weeks trying to make it work and no luck. this its very enoying..... ill appreciate any help form you guys thanks in advance....