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    Air 2, Flex 4.1, embedding xstandard wysiwyg editor

    Damian Georgiou



      Has anyone had any experience with embedding the xstandard wysiwyg editor into a flex application using the Air HTML component?


      For those who don't know; it is an activeX control providing xhtml compliant code generation, drag, drop and upload functionality (in one move) etc and is far superior and easier to use than the freebee wysiwyg editors out there.


      The editor requirement:


      Easy table generation

      drag and drop of images onto the interface with upload and insert into content

      Paste of MS Word content into the editor. (automatic image upload and insert)


      Editor solution:


      xstandard ( http://www.xstandard.com )


      are there any others that provide this functionality?


      The problem at hand:


      I have developed an inhouse application which embeds a wysiwyg editor using the HTML component of AIR.


      The editor is embedded on a php page which take care of loading the data and the editor controls. With the appropriate parameters it works independantly outside of the Air/Flex application.


      Initially we were successfully using TinyMCE (pre editor requirements) however the less computer savvy users (most of them) were having issues using the table generator and the image uploaded. To difficult, inefficient and too many steps.


      xstandard integration:

      xstandard is working fine externally to the application, as it does with TinyMCE. When loading it into the Air/Flex application the controls don't show up instead the source editor is visible. It looks like it is partially loading the activex control.


      I have spoken with the xstandard developer, we have tried a few things, different test build etc however with little success.


      I thought it may have been the userAgent however I set the HTML parameter userAgent to "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)" ut this did not work.


      Does AIR have restrictions applied to embedded objects?


      Any other suggestions?


      any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Damian Georgiou