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    Prevent Flash from Exporting content outside border?

    nhavfx Level 1
      I'm rather new with Flash, and although i can comfortably get on and develop the animations I need, onething is baffling me and I can't find the answer here in the forums...

      Basically, I've imported some photos and added some motion to them - I've set my document size, however when i go EXPORT - FlashMovie and save the movie, it plays back just fine externally and at the right dimensions, however if i double click to make it large, suddenly I'm seeing all the content thats outside of my set document size (ie the rest of the photo that is scrolling) - Now this seems completely poitnless to be rendering anything beyond the border dimensions i set in Flash - plus it will increase my file size and thus dampening its effect on the web.

      - Any clues as to how one stops this from happening?