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    Can you default line color, shape characteristics, etc.?

    mandi loomis

      When drawing lines, circles, etc., I always have to use the corporate color, but can't figure out how to make this a preference or default, so every single time I create a new file, I have to manually type in the color number. Also, when I draw a circle/square, I always want no fill with the corporate color outline. Any way to make this stick?

      Thank you very much!

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          lindan19994533 Level 4

          Add the colors to the Swatches panel in this way. Once you've added your color to an object, open the Swatches panel and hover over a blank space at the bottom until you see the cursor change to a paint bucket. Click on the panel and a new swatch with your color will be created. It's not document specific, so you'll be able to use your custom color swatches any time you create a new document. Just to be double safe, choose Save Swatches from the swatches panel menu.