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    Safari 5.0 + Flash-Player 10.1 - - - Problem

    joelamann Level 1

      I have following problem:


      My System: Mac OSX 10.6.3

      My Browser: Safari 5.0


      I develop websites with the programm iWeb 3.0,

      and i use also the animation-programm BannerZestPro (Flash-Animations).


      At the first step I download the uninstaller and in the second step I install the new version !!!


      After the Flash-Player-Installation 10.1 the flash-animations overlies all logos and graphics on my website and in iWeb 3.0,

      thats wrong !!!


      It works great with the version 10,0,45,2 . . . but after the update to 10.1 I have this big problem.


      What can I do ??? Have you a suggested solution?


      For example:


      The first picture is wrong (Flash-Player 10.1) . . . the second picture is OK (FlashPlayer 10,0,45,2)


      You can visit the website under:     www.drehamrad.de



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          Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

          I thought that the problem was with my Mac and Flash 10.1 prerelease but now I know that I'm not the unique with this problem. Really it's too bad. I have to note that this problem only occurs with this config: Mac OsX 10.6.3 + Safari 5 + Flash 10.1 . If you use Leopard + Safari 5 + Flash 10.1 the problem is not present. Only Snow Leopard has this problem... I don't know if Apple or Adobe have to patch this problem but we need a solution. Please if there's a solution for this problem tell us.

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            370H55V Level 4

            MacBook Pro (new 08/26/2009) Snow Leopard 10.6.3, Flash Player 10.1, Safari 5.


            I can say without a doubt that this IS NOT a Flash Player Problem. Here's why:


            Firefox 3.6.3 looks like this:


            Camino looks like this:


            Netscape 9 looks like this:


            iCab looks like Safari does:


            Google Chrome looks like this:


            OmniWeb 5 looks like this:


            Opera 10 looks like this:


            Sea Monkey looks like this:



            Okay, so that's seven (7) other browsers where the animations don't overlay the graphics and one (iCab) that does.  All displaying the Flash content with the same Flash Player plugin for OS X (10.1).


            That pretty well narrows it down to a Safari problem, or a Safari and iCab problem but iCab uses the same engine as Safari so it's not in the Flash Player, or in any of the seven other browsers I viewed the page in.

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              Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

              My question is: Why this problem isn't present in Safari 4.0.5? I've noted that the unique affected browser is Safari 5 (and iCab), not Safari 4.0.5.

              The other thing is: when this problem will be solved?


              This isn't funny maybe Apple need to be careful with aptitudes that they take in front of their clients. We know that Apple doesn't like Adobe but I don't know why the user has to be affected with this actions. I hope that Apple can fix this problem in short time...

              If you have news about this problem, please post it here...

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                370H55V Level 4

                Why this problem isn't present in Safari 4.0.5?


                Probably for the same reason that I can't manually add a motion tween with a right click in Flash 11 like I could with Flash 8.


                Safari 5 ISN'T Safari 4. It ISN'T Safari 3 or Safari 2 for that matter either. It won't behave like older software because it isn't.


                When will this be solved?


                It probably won't. Here's why:


                Obviously Apple changed the rendering engine when they developed Safari 5. My best guess (note; It's a GUESS, I don't know) is that since Safari 5, from what I've read on it is mostly, if not completely compatible with HTML 5, which by some peoples' estimates, will mean the end for Flash eventually, it's acting like it "expects" HTML 5 content instead of Flash.


                It's a pain for me, because I'm just getting comfortable building Flash content and now I've got to start all over doing things in HTML 5, but from what I've read, HTML 5 will make animations and "Flash like" content a lot easier to build and display.

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                  Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

                  Yeah I know that Safari 5 has a new rendering engine, the curious thing is that I've a Macbook with Leopard 10.5.8 running on it with Safari 5 + Flash 10.1 and there are no problems of webpages with .swf transparencies or any type of flash content. But as we know Snow Leopard is affected by this problem, Leopard is free of these errors... this makes me think that maybe is possible that this issue will be a Bug of Apple rather than a limitation of this version of Safari.


                  Please Apple solve this problem!

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                    370H55V Level 4

                    10.5.8 is 32 bit

                    Snow Leopard is 64 bit.

                    Safari 4 is 32 bit to be comaptible with 10.5 and 10.4... even the Snow Leopard build was 32 bit

                    From what I've read, Safari 5 for Mac is 64 bit only for Snow Leopard. There is a 32 bit build for Leopard, but no longer for Tiger.


                    That may have something to do with it too...

                    Have you seen how this page looks in IE8 64 bit?


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                      Paul Rentier Level 1



                      Did you try to launch Safari in 64-bit mode?

                      Go to Applications >> right click on Safari icon >> unchecked "Open in 32-bit mode"

                      For me, it worked.

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                        Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

                        Yes, I've tried to launch Safari in 32 and 64 bits and neither works properly. It doesn't solve the problem. Paul, are you sure that you're running this setup: Snow Leopard + Safari 5 + Flash 10.1? Maybe you haven't entered to the site of cicero to watch the problem. In Safari 5 you can see that the Flash header is hiding part of the bicycle  and the blue round of the web www.drehamrad.de .  The same situation repeats in all the webs with this style of Flash header. So I've to say that this problem is not solved yet.

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                          370H55V Level 4

                          Safari 5 just came out last week, so it'll probably be one or two updates down the road before they get it fixed.

                          According to Wikipedia:

                          Internet Explorer has 60% browser usage share as of April 2010  according to Net Applications.

                          Opera has 2%  browser usage share as of April 2010,

                          As of April 2010, Firefox has a 25% usage share.

                          Apple's Safari had just under 5%  of the entire browser market as of April 2010. Its rendering engine, called WebKit, is  also running in the standard browsers of several mobile phone  platforms, including the iPhone OS, Google Android, Nokia S60, and Palm WebOS.

                          Google Chrome has a 7% usage share.


                          With numbers like 5%, you have to wonder: Is this the battle you really want to pick? I'd honestly be more concerned with how IE8 treats the content since odds are most people visiting your site will be seeing it like that last pic I posted.

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                            Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

                            Yes that's true, Internet Explorer 6+ has 60% of the market and we have to pay attention to IE when we design a site, I think all Webmasters known that, if your web doesn't look well on IE you have to redesign it to fix the problem, the second in importance is Firefox. The problem is with the iWeb users like me... if the problem is present in Safari engine, we have problems with iWeb. The advantage is the simplicity to design a web on iWeb compared to design it on Dreamweaver, the code of iWeb is horrible! but if you need an easy way to design your site without the help of a Webmaster or if you need a quick solution iWeb is your product. Dreamweaver is the best Web Design suite that I can find but for simplicity I use iWeb. If Apple solve this problem I will be grateful with them.

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                              rmeske Level 1

                              I have this same issue with OSX 10.6.4, Safari 5.0 and Flash 10.1r53.  I have spent numerous hours trying  various tricks; dynamically moving layers over Flash, dyanmically chaning z-index, etc. with no avail.  I finally decided to search and came across this thread.  Glad to know it is not me.  Safari 4 does not have this problem, netiher does IE nor Firefox.


                              Our only solution at this time is to have a custom version for Safari 5 that lays out the Flash file and other layers so they do not overlap.

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                                omegalink123 Level 1

                                Mac OS X: Version 10.6.4 (Build 10F569)

                                Safari: Version 5.0 (6533.16)

                                Adobe Flash Player: Version 10,1,53,64


                                I experienced the same problem, and tried setting Safari 5 to run in 32-bit mode, which worked for a while. But then the same problem came back.


                                Downgrading the Adobe Flash Player to version 10,0,12,36 resolves the issue.


                                Flash videos now run fine in my Safari 5.0 browser! And there is no need to run Safari 5 in 32-bit mode.

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                                  Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

                                  It's a pleasure to say that our problem was solved with the update of safari 5.0.1 !


                                  But at all I'm sad because apple has late solutions for us...



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                                    Fernando Céspedes J Level 1

                                    I'm sad to say that this problem persist on IWeb 09 !... Problem solved on Safari 5 but what about IWeb?


                                    I'll never use IWeb to design my webpage, you known the reasons. Apple has a very bad technical support. I was happy to use Mac OsX because it's a great operating system but what about apple??? I think that microsoft is faster solving user problems... If we have to be loyal to a company, first this company has to be loyal to the clients and will solve quickly their bugs.

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                                      EasyProWebTools Level 1

                                      This problem is still not solved. If you have your Flash object in an iFrame and the iFrame has the alignment set (right or left) then the Flash object will show on the top level nomatter what. here is an example: http://www.test1.easyprowebtools.com/index.php the drop down menu is on z-index 900, but yet the flash object covers it. This issue is not caused by Flash. The same bug occurs if you embed HTML5 video. You can switch Safari user agent to iPad and the same page will show HTML5 video (still covering drop down menu).

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                                        rmeske Level 1

                                        We updated to Safari 5.01 yesterday, and reset it to launch in 64-bit mode.  It now properly shows layers on top of Flash files including those in an iFrame.