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    How can I get this box to go away?

    jdeej Level 1

      I'm using Illustrator CS2 on a Windows box.  In the past two days when bringing a file into it, from Pohotoshop CS3 I get a black, static box over part of the design. When I go to Live Trace it Traces the whole file but when I bring it back into Photoshop I only get a partial drawing - the part defined by that silly Black line box.  Can anyone help me correct this?  Can anyone Tell me what it is?The original file in Photoshop.jpg

      The File brought into Illustrator CS2.jpg

      Result of Live Trace brought back into Photoshop.jpg

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          jdeej Level 1

          Well, Thanks to anyone who gave this question a second of thought.

          I've figured out what that 'box' is....apparently its the Artboard.....DUH!!   One simply has to turn it off!!

          Sorry for wasting anyone's time but I'm so happy the Forum is here to help us.....ah.......less knowledgable people.