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    DV Camera not seen by Premiere CS5


      I just received my copy of Premiere CS5 and am eager to get started using it as an editing package. However, everytime I plug my camera in to attempt to capture the video signal Premiere crashes.


      I'm using a Panasonic PV-GS39 camera (a few years old) and am pushing the signal via Firewire to a brand new HP desktop running Windows 7, with an Nvida GEForce GT 220 card and 8 gigs of RAM.


      If the camera isn't plugged in I can easily open the capture window and see the features for that window. However, as soon as I plug the camera in, the window doesn't open (well, it creates a white window shape) and Premiere crashes.


      I've tried this on 2 different computers with the same results.


      So, is it the camera or Firewire or some other sort of hardware incompatibility I am totally unaware of.


      Thanks in advance for any insight!