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    Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended freezes on startup under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit - No splash screen


      I installed my licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended today as part of my install a bunch of software after a reinstall of Windows (due to viruses).  I did a completely fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I've used Photoshop CS3 Extended for quite a while now so I know what to expect on startup but it was previously installed under Windows XP Professional (32-bit). Figured I would give Windows 7 a chance this time around.


      Google searches aren't turning up anything.  When I attempt to start the application, I get a window with the title "Adobe Photoshop CS3" (no "Extended" - I seem to recall the title changes later) and the toolbar appears.  However, no splash screen appears and no Product Activation wizard appears - the application simply freezes on an empty frame and a toolbar.  I've tried running Photoshop as Administrator (right-click, "Run As Administrator"), but nothing changed there.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  I tried upgrading to CS3 10.0.1.  Nothing works.  The application simply freezes before it gets anywhere.


      I tried calling Adobe Support since this technically falls under installation issues but their phone support systems are down today.  Go figure.


      Edit:  I hooked into Photoshop with the Visual Studio debugger and every single thread is executing some variation of WaitForSingleObject() or WaitForMultipleObjects().  The main thread is "executing" somewhere in AdobeLM_libFNP.dll (at address 09619d81 - if I had debugging symbols for CS3, I could provide a function).  There are nine threads "running" at the point the freeze occurs - but all of them are technically suspended due to the functions they are executing - and one thread is in a suspended state.