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    problem with deleting empty pages

    donna_unmani Level 1



      Have a FM 9.0 document with empty pages that are not deleted even though the Format à Page Layout à Pagination dialog box has for the Before Saving & Printing setting: 'Delete Empty Pages'.


      I’m clueless on how to resolve this issue, any advice will be greatly appreciated.



      [This is a standalone FM 9.0 installation on Windows XP Pro.]

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          There are a number of reasons why FM won't delete seemingly empty pages.


          If the document is part of a book and it has a directive to have an even number of pages or the following file is supposed to start on the Right, while this file ends on the Left, then FM will always insert an "empty" page. Book settings always trump document settings.


          Alternatively, there might actually be content (use ctrl+A to select all on the page) that is not visible or the text frames may have been customized/resized. It helps if you also turn on the View > Text Symbols, just in case the end of flow marker gets kicked over to the last page.


          You can try using the Special > Delete Pages... option to remove the "empty" page(s), but if they come back, then check out the context rules for the document.

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            Sheila Carlisle Level 4

            One additional reason that pages are sometimes not removed correctly is when the pages have had a custom Master Page applied to them. The pages appear to be deleted but when the file is saved and the book updated, the pages appear again.   The workaround to remove them permanently is to apply the default Left / Right master pages to the problem pages, save the file, then delete the pages.



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              donna_unmani Level 1

              Arnis, Sheila hi


              Apologize for the belated reply, read both your answers and found them helpful, but as this is a client I work at on alternate weeks had to wait until I was there again to try out your suggestions. The specific file is not part of a book so although it's good to know that I should check the book's context rules (is this done by selecting the book file and then clicking the pagination option?), for this instance it wasn't the solution. Sheila's answer pointed me in the right direction. In the end it was solved by creating a new file, copying the content of the previous file and importing its formats and page layout. I was prompted whether the overrides should be retained--> selected Remove Overrides and then from the pagination selected the Delete Empty Pages setting and it worked--the empty pages were removed.


              Thanks again, appreciate the prompt replies to this thread.


              Kind regards, Donna