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    Can't turn my manual trace into a Live Paint object

    Bob Pinard

      I'm using a trial version of Ai5. I have placed my sketch into a template and manually drawn over it. It would only let me use the blob brush tool. I couldn't use the pencil or pen tool and not sure why.

      My problem now is that I can't convert my drawing to Live Paint. I have read the help file, but the options I think I need to use under Object>Live Trace are not highlighted.

      Much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.



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          Lukas Engqvist Adobe Community Professional

          Live Paint is for vector objects only.

          I am just guessing that as you select your object you are also selecting the image?

          This means you have both vector and bitmap images and so you can use neither live paint nor live trace.

          If you rasterise all convert to bitmap. you should be able to live trace, and from there live paint.

          Alternatively deselect your bitmap and then turn into live paint.


          Your reason for not being able to use pen or pencil confuses me though? Could it be you were temporarily in a locked layer?