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    NEWBIE - Best Practices for FLash Website Development


      I've decided to try and  build my own flash website, so to help me learn the basics I downloaded  the following sample Dynamic Flash Template: http://info.template-help.com/pre-sale_questions/about_web_design_templates/arti  cle25.html.


      I've been playing around with it a little bit,  and feel like I definitely know a lot more than I did previously, but  also feel like I may learning the most efficient and effective methods.


      Basically,  my questions are what's the best software / methods to do the  following, as it relates to the template described above.
      1) I want  the site able to be viewed by people who have flash enabled and those  who don't.  I'd like for the default website to be flash oriented, but  of the browser doesn't support flash or if there are no flash plug-ins  installed, I want the HTML version of the site to display.  What the  best way to make this happen?
      2) If I use the dynamic text option  for the flash site, all text is pulled from the tfile_main.html file.   Is this the best way to embed dynamic text into my flash file?  Is it  the most efficient way or should the dynamic text be embedded from the  HTML pages of the Non-Flash site?
      3) Is it possible to have the flash  and non-flash versions overlay each other, where if flash is supported,  the flash content is displayed, but if flash is not supported, only the  non-flash versions are displayed?
      4) What the best way of optimizing  a site of this nature for search engines?  If I were to upload only the  flash version of the site, embedded in the index.html file, I think  that the search engines would interpret my whole site as simply being  one page, which I do not want.  I want them to recognize each distinct  page.
      5) Should I use Static or Dynamic text?  Should I insert any  outgoing links with the flash file itself, or within the html files?
      6)  I've read alot about SWFObject2.x and it seems like it would help me do  a lot of the things I'm wanting to do, but I have no idea how to use  it.  I downloaded the .zip file, but have no clue what to do with it  from there.
      7) I have Flash CS3, but also currently have a free trial  of the Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS5, so I have FLash CS5,  Dreamweaver CS5, etc.  Should I use Flash CS3 or CS5?
      8) How should I  set-up my Publish Settings in FLash?


      Sorry for such a long message and  requesting so much info.  If you can only help out or provide guidance  on 1 of the above questions it would be very beneficial to me and  greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for everyone's help and let me know if  you need additional information.