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    New Build for Lightroom 3


      First post so please be kind

      I currently am using an old P4 machine to edit my photos. I up until a month ago was using acdsee for editing my Canon 5D files. I've since upgraded to a 5d mark2 and downloaded the free trial of lightroom 3 and so far loving all the capabilities it offers over acdsee. However it's dog slow on my p4 with 4gb ram and running Win XP. So I'm in the market for a new build specifically for lightroom 3. My budget is small, I've done some research but still not sure on cpu/mobo and if I really need 8gb of ram or can get away with 4gb. Hard drives I've decided on are 2 WD velociraptors 300gb one for OS

      and the 2nd for Programs which mainly will only be LR 3

      2 1tb WD Black, one for my photo storage and one for back up.

      Last drive will be a 1 or 2 TB external drive for backup.

      Will the video from the mobo be enough for Lightroom 3 or do i need to upgrade that as well?


      I've seen some great deals on refurbished pc's and also I am capable of building a pc from a barebones kit.

      Any suggestions you guys have would be great!

      Thank you,

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