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    Contribute layout problem in edit mode (CS3 CS4)


      I'm building a nwe site in Dreamweaver 8 that will be managed by editors/publishers using Contribute CS4 on a corporate intranet. I'm using templates to protect sensitive code and a simple, 1-column CSS layout with a couple of relative and absolutely positioned containers. The preview in Dreamweaver 8 design view is fairly accurate and it looks fine in Contribute 4 (not CS4) when I go into edit mode. I can edit, create new pages, etc. without any issues.


      I sent a key to some colleagues to do testing with Contrib CS3 & CS4. Pages render fine when they browse but when they go to edit the page, the content becomes very narrow, one or two words per line, and scrolls vertically forever. The background color from outside the content container takes over the whole page. It looks like a nesting problem but I have validated the XHTML and CSS and there are no errors. The content is editable but looks terrible and I don't want to hand this off without fixing it. I can't understand how CS3-4 are worse at rendering previews than the older version.


      Here's how it looks in the Contribute 4 browser


      Here it is during editing in Contrib 4


      Here it is during editing in CS4 (CS3 looks the same)


      Wish I could post a URL but this is all behind the firewall. Any help greatly appreciated!