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    Blackmagic Capture Cards?

      Anyone using Blackmagic capture cards?

      I have an Intensity Pro. Composite and s-video work fine. I cannot get component working with a 720p or 1080i signal. FMLE doesn't give me the option to select a resolution higher than 720x486. I haven't tested the HDMI input. Any ideas?

      Maybe the problem is related to this post?
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          nmalhotra Level 3
          Yes, FMLE supports all sizes that capture card is supporting. So here i guess your source of Input is giving SD sizes only for Composite, Component and S-Video inputs.
          So i think you can try HDMI input because HDMI input supports HD sizes and it should give you higher resolution input depending upon source you are using. Your Source should give HD sizes because HDMI is just a medium to transfer input from your source to the card. If your does not support HD content then using HDMI also cannot solve the purpose.
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            i am considering using the same card for HD capture and was wondering if you able to solve this?


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              red1098 Level 1
              I haven't made any progress. I emailed tech support on Sunday and haven't heard back.
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                nmalhotra Level 3

                To use HD input in FMLE your capture card and Source should support HD output because FMLE just takes input sizes that card is exposing as it is.

                I also contacted Black Magic support team and as per them to use HDMI input you should use a source which gives non copyrighted HDMI output because card will not accept Copyrighted HDMI input.

                Most of the source support only SD sizes(480p or 576p) for Composite, Component and S Video video formats.
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                  red1098 Level 1
                  I'm using the component input, not HDMI.

                  HD over component works in Blackmagic's Media Express program. Any reason why it shouldn't work in FMLE?
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                    nmalhotra Level 3
                    Are you using FMLE 3.0 or FME 2.5. Please make sure that you are using FMLE 3.0 because FME 2.5 does not support all sizes that device supports but FMLE 3.0 does.
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                      Black Magic DOES NOT support Flash Media Encoder . . . I just spent 2 hours on the phone with them . . .


                      Question: Do you support Adobe Media Encoder?

                      Answer: No


                      Question: When do you think you will support it?

                      Answer: I can not answer that question


                      Man the Decklink Studio is the perfect low cost encoder . . . I wish they supported it . . .

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                        I just got off the phone with Blackmagic support -


                        I bought two Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards hoping to run two instances of FMLE at once, which they informed I probably would not be able to do... Apparently applications need to have some specific code which distinguishes between the two cards? I've confirmed this doesn't work, the first instance of the FMLE is able to select either of the cards but the second instance is unable to access the remaining card.


                        While we were on the phone, they also told me about the unresolved audio bug... which I hadn't run into yet. Sadly, this awesome video input card doesn't seem like it'll work for the FMLE anytime soon. : (

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                          Hello all,


                          I have the Blackmagic Intensity Pro Card with dongle, and use FME 3.0 to stream my 360,PC, and Tv if I wanted too, to justin.tv all the time with no problems...actually i should say the only problems i have are that my internet's upload bandwidth is terrible so it does get a little choppy at times.  The problems people are having is that the Intensity cards need to be properly set up before you try to use them with FME.  You can do a search on google for blackmagic intensity + justin.tv and find a good tutorial.  Your NOT going to be able to output in HD, as the FME doesn't allow for the input of such material.  And you will need to tweak your card's input/output settings from the device configuration software NOT the capturing software that comes with it. I may get a tutorial posted on my website sometime this week.  I am just getting started with my website so it's nothing at all but a hodgepodge of stuff i've created and am interested in.  But it does have a link to my justin.tv broadcast as well as my youtube vids that will show the capture's i've taken.




                          PS.  Audio issues, I'm not exactly what audio issues people are having.  When i bought the card i did my homework and found that audio capturing is NOT supported on this card, while it will allow you to pass the audio thru to another device, Blackmagic specifically states that this is the only way for audio capturing to be done.  Anymore questions feel free to ask away and i'll try and answer them.  I love the card and have no problems with it.


                          had it in an AMD 64+ computer with 2 gig of ram and standard 7200 rpm western digital sata harddrive using their provided Motion JPG Codec and was able to rip full 1080i and 720p content no problems, no drop frames.  Now it's been upgraded to a dual quadcore intel box with 8 gig of ram, and same sata harddrives no raid configuration and again no problems no dropped frames.


                          Hope this helps,




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                            Hi Steelahive.

                            Have you progressed any further on a tutorial for tweaking Black Magic intensity with FMLE?

                            Really keen to know!

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                              swillis1978 Level 1

                              No i will work on it this week sometime maybe have something by friday or saturday.  Been really busy at work.  I'll let ya know.

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                                swillis1978 Level 1

                                I put together a quick video - there is no audio but it's pretty easy to follow, just make sure your settings are exactly as they are on my screen..


                                http://www.steelahlive.com/Blackmagic%20Help%20File%20no%20audio.wmv  if this doesnt work contact me at steelahlive@comcast.net and we can discuss this further.

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                                  The link is dead so I couldn't watch the video. And I was wandering if you got it working to capture 720P over component? Or HDMI. currently want to setup a 720P stream or even if possible a 1080P stream. But can't figure it out how to get a higher resolution within FMLE than PAL. Not with component nor HDMI.


                                  hope you can help me out?

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                                    I have exactly same problem. But solution provided by Steve, still does not allow higher resolution than 720. I just tested the latest FME 3.0.1, and it gives only options for 720x486 and 720x576 and says "Frame rate not supported". FME 2.5 works with 1920x1080 and Intensity, but can only use single CPU cores for resizing and encoding.


                                    Does anybody know, what Adobe says about that?

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                                      nmalhotra Level 3

                                      I think something has broken up in FMLE 3.0 because of which it is not able to work at HD sizes but FMLE 2.5 does. So if you want to encode at HD sizes than you can resize SD size in FMLE 3.0 because Resize filter is multicore in FMLE 3.0

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                                        Sean McPartlin

                                        The video doesn't work for me.


                                        I can get video output from the blackmagic media express software.


                                        set to 1080i 59.94


                                        The control panel for the blackmagic is set to 720p HD to SD letterbox 16:9 downconvert....


                                        But when I launch the FMLE i just get a blank screen.


                                        I'm told there is an ACC plugin to fix the audio isssu.  HDMI is outputing sound at higher then 44100 so you need a plugin to deal with that...


                                        But my probelm is with the video... I don't get a video stream....


                                        Hell it would be nice if FMLE would support 1900x1080 and not make me mess around with all this....


                                        anyone hanve any ideas?


                                        Using Intensity card and a sony HD hdr-sr12 as video source over HDMI



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                                          ichrisis Level 1

                                          Sean, if you are using Vista or Windows 7 try running FMLE as administrator.


                                          The other thing to try would be to fiddle around with the FPS and size settings.  Basically as you adjust settings FMLE will attempt to use whatever you set it to and if that fails, will default to some other value.  So for e.g. if your input source is SD this is probably at 29.97fps (or whatever it is) so if you set FPS to 60, FMLE will first attempt the higher frame rate, then default to (what is usually) the correct one.

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                                            nmalhotra Level 3

                                            There is a bug in FMLE 3.0 that it does not work on HD sizes for BM cards because of which you are not able to select HD input in FMLE from BM card.

                                            Lets hope this gets fixed sooner in FMLE

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                                              mtamm11 Level 1

                                              I am struggling with exactly same problem. You can get downconverted video, but if your camera outputs 1080i, you need to choose 1080i HD to SD anarmorphic 16:9 downconvert. That way you can get 720x486 size of video, but for me, it makes the image blurry. Let me know, how does it work for you?


                                              In case you have MAC available, you could get FME 3.1, which I have seen from comments works good with Intensity Pro and supports HD.


                                              BlackMagic Design replied this:


                                              > There is currently a known bug with Adobe Flash Media Encoder. That has been

                                              > logged with Adobe and we are currently working with them as much as we can

                                              > do get this issue resolved. I am uncertain which side is the problem,

                                              > perhaps both sides need to change something. But it is a logged bug and

                                              > hopefully a fix will be done soon.




                                              > I have heard no movement from Adobe's side. I have heard a rumor that the

                                              > BETA version of the next version of the software works much better. But that

                                              > was just a customer who called up and let us know that and we have not been

                                              > able to confirm this. I wish I had a timeframe for this fix, but I have not receive any additional

                                              > information.


                                              So there doesn't seem to be any fix coming soon.

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                                                Vineet Mahajan Level 1

                                                I have tried working with FMLE and BlackMagic Intensity card. But I am not able to get audio out from the card at SD size.


                                                What I understood from this thread is that FMLE does not support HD sizes from BlackMagic cards but I am facing issues in audio at SD sizes as well.


                                                When I am selecting DV input in my Sony Camcoder and providing the input to BlackMagic Intensity card through HDMI cable, I am not getting any audio signal in FMLE.

                                                I am selecting Video signal at 720x576 size but is not getting any audio.


                                                Is anybody else also facing a similar issue ?


                                                Please help.

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                                                  Sean McPartlin Level 1

                                                  So it would seem that the FMLE is buggy as can be.. On my multiple screen setup I noticed if

                                                  I draged the FMLE app onto another screen the app crashed or at least stopped streaming out... 


                                                  Seems app has to run on primary screen or it doesn't work.


                                                  Ok since this is obviously not working what other options are there?


                                                  All I want to do is to stream out to a server

                                                  FMS URL ftmp://servername.domain.com/folder/_something_ with a stream name that means something to the server.


                                                  So... what other programs do this?


                                                  I'm new to all this so I just would like to find the best encoder that could use HDMI from the blackmagic as the source....

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                                                    Machx Wingo

                                                    Seams that FMLE does not support the standard
                                                    Decklink HD-Colorformats v210 and HDYC.
                                                    That´s the reason why the HD Formats (for. Example with

                                                    New Decklink Studio) are not shown in the selection combobox.

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                                                      Sean McPartlin Level 1

                                                      anything new on this?


                                                      I don't have time to play with this all the time...


                                                      I just want to use a high end Sony Camera as the video source and capture 1080i video and audio and stream it up to the FMS....


                                                      What I have been lead to beleive is you can only use firewire with FMLE and that only gives you DV content.  While that looks good it's no 1080i or even 720p. (I have lots and lots of bandwidth)


                                                      So is there a way to do this with the blackmagic?


                                                      If not is there a capture card that will work with FMLE and capture 1080i/720p amd stream up to the server?

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                                                        ichrisis Level 1

                                                        The Black-Magic Design Intensity Pro can capture (and stream) 1080i/720p using FMLE 3.1 with no issues.  This is with the HDMI-in port.  Don't know about the composite ports, I've never tried those.

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                                                          fmeuser Level 3

                                                          In FMLE 3.1 version, you should be able to work with blackmagic cards and encode at HD sizes.

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                                                            Machx Wingo Level 1

                                                            Yes I can confirm that with FMLE 3.1 under Windows at least with the Decklink Studio the HD Formats 1080i u. 720p are
                                                            also recongnized as valid input formats.

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                                                              akarpo Level 1

                                                              is the audio coming through as well, while you're streaming the video in HD? I read on another forum that might be an issue.

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                                                                ichrisis Level 1

                                                                I have tested 720p streaming with audio input working just fine.

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                                                                  i use bins pro and FME 3  with HD source and my only problem its live stream have a break all 3/4 minuts.

                                                                  anyone with the same problem ? Same problem with diferent live stream providers like justin ustream etc...

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                                                                    I am able to get FMLE to detect my 1080i 59.94 source via the new Intensity Shuttle, but it will only let me select a frame rate of 29.97. If I try to select the "true" frame rate of 59.94 it resets itself down to 30, and the screen goes blank (I've also tried 60, 25, and even 1 fps, same result).  What's interesting is that when set to 29.97 the image appears and is initially very good, but over the course of a few minutes the "apparent" FPS shown on the screen starts dropping and eventually reaches 5 fps or less (as shown under Input FPS).  Also, when I enable Audio using the Intensity Shuttle it also initially works fine but if I try to change any other setting, or if I start encoding, FMLE stops responding and freezes after about 30 seconds. If I use a different audio source FMLE does not freeze, though the audio does get out of sync after a while.

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                                                                      Sean McPartlin Level 1

                                                                      I have seen the same thing.  Basiclly the blackmagic and fmle do not seem ready for prime time.  Any one got. Better idea or device that we cn use?

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                                                                        JOE@GO-MOTION.COM.AU Level 1

                                                                        What driver version are you running?

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                                                                          Nethab Level 1

                                                                          Was using the initial Blackmagic USB 3.0 Video Driver version 7.7.1, but I also just updated to version 7.7.3 today and both had the same issue.


                                                                          The frame rate and audio problem(s) do not appear if I use the Blackmagic Media Express capture software included with the card.


                                                                          I am downloading the free Microsoft Expression Encoder as we speak to see if the issue happens with it too.

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                                                                            Sean McPartlin Level 1

                                                                            But if the goal is to stream a 1080 Rez video stream to a an adobe flash server out on the internet what good is that going to do?

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                                                                              Machx Wingo Level 1

                                                                              If you set the Frame Rate to 29.97 fps it seams to work.

                                                                              My Decklink Studio then set´s Inputformat to 59.94i and I get a picture if input signal is 1080i59.94

                                                                              If you try to set the Inputformat to 59.94i then fps is set automatically to 30 and you cannot see a picture

                                                                              • 36. Re: Blackmagic Capture Cards?


                                                                                My name is Felix Kolotinsky and I am FAE at AVerMedia Technologies, Inc USA office.


                                                                                AVerMedia has a product AVerTVHD DVR  that works with Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1, AVerTVHD DVR is capable to capture HD quality up to 1080i from build int HDMI, Component YPbPr and Analog from S-Video and Composite.

                                                                                If you are interested, here is link to product description http://www.avermedia-usa.com/AVerTV/product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=482


                                                                                Below is screenshot that I took from FMLE using AVerTVHD DVR, my source was HDMI from Direct TV Set top box, in this case I was encoding in 1080i source into 720x480, you can Encode up to 1080i, however this requires Quad Core CPU


                                                                                If you are interested, please contact me directly: felix.kolotinsky@avermedia.com and I will assist you with setup.


                                                                                Felix KolotinskyFMLE.png

                                                                                • 37. Re: Blackmagic Capture Cards?
                                                                                  Sean McPartlin Level 1

                                                                                  I ordered a card and will look to try it out in a week or so.


                                                                                  I think the company we use for the Flash server and CDN to re-broadcast will love to hear about some positive feedback.  They have been looking into this for Live Concert Broadcasts over the internet.  We have been looking to send video from our confrences back to the home office or to resources that are un-able to attend.  Will this work with PAL as well as NTSC?  Our EU people would like to do the same.



                                                                                  Hopefully getting FMLE working with this card isn't going to be too hard.  I'm very excited as the Blackmagic card was a complete bust.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Blackmagic Capture Cards?
                                                                                    Felix_Kolotinsky Level 1


                                                                                    AVerTVHD DVR does support capturing Analog in NTSC and PAL, as well as any other Analog formats.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Blackmagic Capture Cards?
                                                                                      Burnin Sven Level 1

                                                                                      I have the Black Magic Intensity Pro capturecard I´m running it with my GA EP45-DS3 motherboard, (Q6600 cpu, 8 gig memory and two cheap 7300 gs 512 mb videocards) I use an HD cam Panasonic HDC SD10. I can use the HD 1080i 50 (only) with HDMI and pretty much go up as high as the settings and my videocards let me in FMLE. The HDMI sound and video works (as do the composit input and sound when I broadcast from DVD or VCR).


                                                                                      I run this computer on retail osx (bought and paid for I own real macs too) might be that makes a difference not sure why it would though.


                                                                                      With my new build Asus P6T SE and a i7 930 cpu FMLE just gives me strange looking video and shuts down. I have´nt put the Black Magic Intensity card in this computer yet I´m testing with only web cams and Easycap. Quicktime broadcaster can find those devices but FMLE just crashes?


                                                                                      Any ideas?

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