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    Problem with Lazy-Loading Modules responding to message

    Dan_Carter Level 1



      I am having a problem with my Lazy Loaded Module not receiving the first Parsley message which has been queued and redispatched when a module is loaded lazily using LazyModuleLoadPolicyTag.


      The problem manifests itself like this,


      Shell application has a parsley context with following objects:


      <module:ModuleMessageInterceptor type="{ DisplayInModuleMsg } "/>

           domain="{ ClassInfo.currentDomain }"



          type="{ DisplayInModuleMsg }"


      Shell has ModuleViewLoader such as


              moduleId="{ moduleId }"
              moduleManager="{ moduleA }"


      A DisplayInModuleMsg is dispatched from the shell which in turn loads and displays the module but the message never gets dispatched to it.

      Subsequent DisplayInModuleMsg messages are dispatched in the model correctly, it just seems to be the first time after loading that fails.


      I was under the impression that the message would be redispatched when the module was loaded. Any ideas??


      Could be related to: