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    Twistie Functionality Missing from RoboHelp 8




      My technical writing team and I were recently upgraded to RoboHelp 8. It is our understanding that you can add a Twistie in a help file. I've been researching for the past few hours and can't seem to find accurate instructions, nor can I find the functionality. Is this feature something that is an add-on or is anyone else having a problem finding the feature in RoboHelp? We found the following instructions in the RoboHelp 8 help file - not really telling us how to add a twistie, but as close as we could find.


      Add or change images in a hotspot


      Select Drop-down hotspot style in the Styles dialog box.
      Expand Character styles to view the Drop-down hotspot style.
      Click the Select Twisties Images button .
      Select an image to display closing drop-down text and one image to open a drop-down hotspot.
      Select an option to place the images either at the Start Of Text or End Of Text. Similarly, you can change images for expanding text.


      We tried to follow these, but there isn't a Drop-down hotspot style when you view the Character styles and the one in that exists (in All Available Styles) doesn't allow us to apply the style. Next is that we can't find a Select Twisties Images button anywhere in the app.


      Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you,