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    What is Acrobat_com.exe and why is it on my computer?

    Fimbul_Fambi Community Member

      I installed updates for Acrobat Reader, Flash, and Shockwave.  Even though I did not ask for Acrobat_Com.exe or Air to be installed on my computer, they were.  I expect this kind of crap from less reputable companies, but not Adobe.  It wasn't bad enough that you advertized Adobe Air while I was installing the other products, but then you had to install it even though I expressly chose NOT to install it?


      If you want me to try some product, tell me about it and why I would want it.  But I have way too much unasked for crap already to have it be installed during the installation of another product - WITHOUT EVEN BEING TOLD ABOUT IT.


      So here is the question: What EXACTLY is Acrobat_com.exe and is it required for Reader, Flash or Shockwave in any way or was it just installed so that some markerting **** at Adobe could get a promotion?